When people hear the term, “Bachelor Party” usually images something along the lines of “Animal House” come to mind. Here are some more sophisticated bachelor party ideas for your upcoming event that don’t involve strippers or binge drinking.

If the groom to be is a music lover, get tickets to the next big concert happening in your area. This could be for any kind of music, depending upon your tastes. Choose a concert that will be casual enough for conversation, but not so loud it will be difficult to hear one another. If you like the idea, and are flexible on genres, try a jazz, bluegrass, or country concert. For the single men in the group, these concerts are a great way to meet women too.

Cigar Bar
Cigar bars have been around for ages. These can be independent bars or bar restaurant places. The atmosphere varies from place to place, but for the most part, they tend to model after the affluent gentleman’s clubs of the 1930’s or a retro jazz club. Great for a sophisticate, adult evening. If the place has a fireplace, and they have a fire lit, ask if you can toss your glass into the flames as a toast to the bride for an extra touch of class.

Wine Loft
Another high end way to celebrate. Wine lofts are showing up every where and can be a great way for guys to bond at a bachelor party. Many places even offer private wine tastings for an additional fee. Or, you can choose to have a long dinner with lots of tapas.

Steak House
If the groom to be loves steak, why not go to his favorite steak house? Many of these places have a great upbeat atmosphere and fantastic alcoholic beverages to go along with it. This is also a great way to line your stomachs before a heavy night of alcohol. Definitely recommended for the Bachelor Party of a groom to be who is on a low carb diet.

Feel free to combine these ideas into one evening for an even better event. Remember to take a camera to document the classy event, and ask some cute girls to take photos for you. Of course, there numerous ideas for a Bachelor Party of this sort, and I hope that listing these will help you to find your own ways to personalize the party for the groom to be.