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This is the first of many submissions that overall will be compiled into an eBook. The articles will be posted exclusively on Infobarrel for Infobarrel readers. It is a survival handbook for bachelors' and bachelorettes that are on their first or second year away from home, but you never know those of you that have been bachelors' and bachelorettes for a long while now could learn something as well.

Laundry Mat

Where to Start

You have piles of cloths, dirty cloth at that, and you do not know where to start. You could just go out and buy new cloth and throw all the dirty ones away, but that would get quite pricey. You could take it to the local laundry mat and drop it off for someone else to do, but that could also be quite pricey. The following article will help you do your own laundry and save some money in the process.

First things first, all those piles of cloths need to be organized. Start by organizing the cloths into smaller piles. The piles should be divided into these categories:

· Whites

· Darks

· Colors

· Reds

It seems to help if you develop a system such as; buying an organizer that has three to four bins, so you can pre-organize you dirty cloths as you are do with them for the day.

Your next step is to buy your essential tools to get the job done. Things you will need.

· Laundry detergent

· Bleach

· Fabric Softener

· Dryer sheets

· Laundry baskets 1-3

With each product buy what you think would suit you. This article is not an advertisement so I will not mention any brands, but I will add this, that most modern washing machine require that you use HE High Efficiency detergent, so be aware of this. All others get what catches your eye; just get generic if you're going for saving money.

Where To Do Your Laundry

Well here comes the only hard part in this whole process. You can either go and buy your equipment (washer and dry) or go to a laundry mat. They each have their positives and negatives.

Your local laundry mat will eat up all your quarters and if you do not mind spending a half a day out of your already busy schedule at the laundry mat then go for it. There is also the point that you will have to wait to use either the washer or the dry if they are occupied.

Buying your own washer and dry is not cheap, but it will pay for itself if you have been going to the, or were thinking about utilizing the laundry mat. You can buy a set at your local retailer that carries these types of products.

You could go the old fashion way if you have enough room, this route would definitely be the most cost efficient route. You find a washing board to wash your cloths and some twine to either hang outside or inside. This will be used to dry your cloths. Remember that some of your cloths will have to be hung, depending on what the tag on the clothing being wash indicates. Some specially made cloths or ones made out of special fabric will need to be hung to dry otherwise you risk shrinking your cloths.

Folded Cloths

Finishing The Task at Hand

Now that you have picked your method of washing you are not prepared to finish your task you set out to accomplish. By now you should have everything prepared to start if not look back at the previous sections in this article to make sure that you are prepared for this task. You can also refer to the hand check list at the end of this article.

Pick your first pile and begin your washing. The amount of soap is on the detergent directions. Where to put the soap is dictated in the washing machine instructions, so implore you to read each of those directions carefully, If not you risk ruining your cloths.

All of your pile except one can be wash by just simply loading the wash, insuring that you do not overload the washer it will break it over long periods of time. You place your pile in, add soap, and set timer. You whites pile you will as soap, bleach, and set timer. When you do the whites you make sure you read the directions on the bottle, if you add to much bleach you will be risking ruining your cloths. Be careful not to spill the bleach on any thought that might be on the floor surrounding the washer. If you spill any bleach on your cloth it will eat it away or eat the color out of your clothing. If you would like to add fabric softener to your wash load read the washer instructions or settings to tell you when to add the softener. Most modern washers will tell you when to add the softener.

Once each load is completed in the washer, load your close in the dryer. You will place all cloths in the dryer except for the cloth that will shrink if dried via the dryer. Once the cloths are in the dryer throw in one dryer sheet and set the timer.

Once your load is done in the dryer you will need to take them out while still warm and fold them. By folding them while they are still warm you minimize wrinkling the cloths.

After all of the piles are gone you are done with the laundry. You have just done your own laundry for the first time. Congratulations, hopfully you have chosen the cost efficient ways, and now that you are done with the laundry, and extra money why not go to the movies.

Laundry Day Check list

ü Laundry detergent

ü Laundry Basket

ü Dryer sheets

ü Bleach

ü Fabric softener

ü Quarters (If going to the laundry mat)