A Dozen Bachelor Bachelorette Party Ideas

The new wave of celebrating a bride and grooms last single days is to gather all the men and women from the bridal party together for a bachelor bachelorette party of fun, bonding, camaraderie and sharing instead of each group celebrating without the other. If you want suggestions on how to have a great bachelor bachelorette party and what to do or where to go, read on for many ideas to help you plan and organize the perfect choice for everyone involved.

Pre Wedding Party Event Planning – Where to Go

Pool Party

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If someone in the wedding party has a pool, suggest a pool party for your bachelor bachelorette party idea. A pool party is a fun way for the members of the wedding party to catch some fun in the sun, improve a suntan, play water games, grill poolside, serve healthy drinks and make some great memories for years to come.

Beach Party

Head to the beach with all the important gear such as sunscreen, towels, and sunglasses, coolers with great snacks, hats, Frisbee, volleyball, softball or beach ball. Check out other options at the beach that everyone would enjoy such as jet skiing or parasailing and kite flying.  A day at the beach would be a great bachelor bachelorette party idea.

Golf Outing

Groomsmen and bridesmaids alike would enjoy a full day of golf that could be held at the best golf course around and include prizes for best score, closest to the pin, best improved score, best dressed and hole in one. Set up a golf outing for a bachelor bachelorette party as a fundraiser to help the bride and groom pay for wedding costs by selling 50/50 tickets beforehand. Give a prize for most tickets sold.

Camping Weekend

Arrange a camping weekend for the wedding party that suits everyone’s schedule. Rent a cabin that is fully furnished, close to walking and hiking trails and bring along great food and drink or have everyone bring a dish. Plan a camp fire for story telling and marshmallow roasting into the wee hours of the night and great camaraderie under the stars.

Rent a Boat for Fun in the Sun

A pontoon boat, sail boat, cabin cruiser or power boat are great for group outings and offer fishing, sunning, sailing, tubing and having fun in the sun as long as safety is a prominent feature of this bachelor bachelorette party idea.

A Day at the Races

A Day at the RacesCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/boboroshi/

Check out the local horse races or dog races for a great bachelor bachelorette party idea. Call the casino to check on group rates and a special area that everyone can watch the races, do a little betting and have great food and drink.

Bike Trip

For the outdoor enthusiasts that would prefer a day of biking and exercising, plan a bike trip from point A to point B with a party planned at the end of the trip.

Bachelor Bachelorette Spa Day

Guys and girls would both appreciate a day of pampering that helps to reduce stress, invigorate the skin, relax the mind and feels great. Search spas that include couples massages, facials, manicures, pedicures or makeovers. Most spas include complimentary wine, paraffin wax hand massages and robes with slippers as well as lunch or dinner. Some spas even have a swimming pool or sauna that can be utilized during your stay. Depending on the size of the bridal party, you may want to book the entire spa for a day. A spa day will help to rejuvenate the bridal party, prepare them for the busy wedding to come and make everyone feel and look their best.

Make Dinner Reservations

Book a private room or area for your wedding party to have dinner and drinks in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere that allows for conversation and stories. Call ahead to reserve a space for your bachelor bachelorette party to find out if there are menu limitations for a large group which; is often the case at a nicer restaurant. Great memories can be created with intimate dinner parties and leaves all the work and cleaning for someone else as an added bonus to choosing a restaurant for the pre wedding party.

Bachelor Bachelorette Home Party

Plan a party at one of the wedding attendants’ homes for an easy option. Have everyone bring a dish to share as well as a bottle of wine or alcohol or beer. Decorate using the bride and groom’s honeymoon destination as a way to get everyone ready and excited for the wedding. Make a home party as simple or extravagant as the budget allows.

Theme Park

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Buy tickets to a favorite theme park nearby and bring along picnic supplies for a full day of fun riding the rides, playing the games and being together with the whole wedding party. Some theme parks such as water parks are indoors so that the weather will not deter your plans. Have fun and create long lasting memories at a theme park for your bachelor bachelorette party idea.

Pre Wedding Destination Planning

Choose any of these pre wedding party ideas to have the best and most memorable bachelor bachelorette party that everyone will be talking about for years.