Top Pre Wedding Party Destinations to Consider for the Best Soiree

You want bachelor party destinations and bachelorette party destinations that are affordable, fun, memorable and out of the ordinary. The pre wedding party can include a combination getaway party for the groomsmen and the bridesmaids with the most popular destinations that can and do include almost anything to do that you can think of. There’s no need to separate the groups and have two celebrations when choosing one destination can be enjoyable for everyone. Today’s men and women get married at older ages, are more established in their fields of work, typically have more money and want a bachelor or bachelorette party that reflects a more luxurious lifestyle.

Seven Top Pre Wedding Party Destinations


Las Vegas – a top pre wedding destination choice by both the guys and gals for the affordability as well as gambling, shows, great weather, shopping, hotels, spas and pools. Las Vegas has something for everyone and should definitely be considered in advance to take advantage of great travel deals as well as hotel packages for the wedding party. Hotels even have their own packages that include poolside poker games, private rooms and show tickets. Group rates often apply to help everyone save even more money. Enjoy all that the city that never sleeps has to offer when you book your bachelor or bachelorette party destination here.


Atlantic City – a favorite destination since Atlantic City offers the beach, amazing nightlife with bars and exquisite restaurants, world class entertainment for men and women, world class golf resorts, shopping and of course, gambling. Take advantage of pre-wedding party packages that will please all the guys and ladies when you book a group rate for your bachelor bachelorette combo celebration.


New York City – the big apple is known world wide as a hot spot that many bachelor parties and bachelorette parties alike are drawn to. New York City offers a plethora of day time activities such as museums, tours, art, superb shopping, spas, Broadway or comedy shows, great local delis and restaurants, subways, parks, sports and more. The nightlife in New York City offers more of everything you’d want in your bachelor or bachelorette party and would no doubt include fine dining, shows, martini style cocktails and live music. Leave the driving to the New York City cabs that will amaze you as they whiz through traffic like no one else can.


Toronto – a trendy and vibrant city for the celebration that offers bistros, clubs, fine restaurants, art, city tours, and a huge downtown underground shopping mall. Combine the bachelor bachelorette party and choose activities that everyone will enjoy as you celebrate the last single days of the bride and groom.


New Orleans – choose the birthplace of jazz for the bachelor bachelorette party and head to the French Quarter of New Orleans. I had such a great time in this trendy city and think you'll find everything you want when looking for a celebration destination! Bourbon Street hosts many venues that offer free jazz day or night and you’ll often find musicians simply playing or singing on every street corner. New Orleans is a beautiful old city with many fun things to do for men and women. New Orleans offers some of the best dining in the world so that no matter where you dine here, you’re sure to be pleased.  Almost everything is in walking distance to major hotels from clubs to restaurants, bars to shopping. Book a party at the Margaritaville Café for all those Jimmy Buffet fans and be sure to try at least one hurricane drink! A mild sunny climate, although often muggy during the summer months makes New Orleans a popular destination for the wedding party. Find group rates and package deals for your pre- wedding party destination in New Orleans for the most affordable travel.


Clearwater/Tampa Bay, Florida – the beaches of Florida are sunny and warm more than 360 days of the year making these two cities popular choices for a bachelor bachelorette party destination for everyone. From sunbathing to snorkeling, sailing and fishing to shopping and sightseeing, to some of the world’s freshest seafood restaurants and theme parks, Florida offers group rate packages that are affordable any time of year. If you long for sun in the fun before the big wedding day, plan a Florida beach party that puts everyone in a great and relaxed mood.


Charleston, SC – choose Charleston for a bachelor bachelorette party destination if the group enjoys a beautiful location, the beach, mild weather, old architectural buildings full of rich history, market shopping, horse drawn carriage rides and great southern style restaurants, nightlife and entertainment. Rent a house on the beach that is large enough for the whole wedding group and spend your time with beach games and tanning, story telling, sharing bride and groom memories, getting to know each other better before the wedding day and having a relaxing time for all to remember.

Bring along some bachelorette party supplies and bachelor party supplies for everyone and no matter where you go for your pre wedding destination you'll be sure to have fun and long lasting memories.

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