Bachelorette PartyThe bachelorette party is the last night of freedom for any bride-to-be before she ties the knot with the man of her dreams. It should be filled with fun, laughter and a touch of naughtiness. If you're one of the bridesmaids or the maid of honour tasked with organizing the celebrations, why not consider playing one of these hilarious bachelorette party board games?

Top Party Board Games for the Bachelorette Party

I've Never...The Game of Truth

I've Never...?  is an adult drinking game similar to Truth or Dare in which the ladies will reveal their deepest, darkest secrets. A fantastic ice-breaker if the ladies at the party don't all know each other that well, the outrageous questions will have you and your girlfriend's giggling the night away. This game will be a real eye-opener. How much do you really know about the bride and groom? This game might give you more of an insight on what the wedding night will actually be like than you bargained for. The game takes guts but the drinking forfits should help with that!
Selected Amazon Review: "This game is perfect for a Bachelor or Bachelorette party, or just a regular party with a group of friends who are as crazy as you are".
I've Never Board Game Adult Version
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(price as of Jun 1, 2013)

How to Play I've Never...

The basic premise of the I've Never is that players reveal what they have or haven't done in their lives. There are various tasks to complete as you travel around the board, which in themselves will provide a lot of fun; take a drink, nominate another player to take a drink, perform a dance or a song.

Players get to move their pieces around the board by responding to the 'I've never...' cards. The card might say 'I've never had sex on an aeroplane' or 'I've never been skinny dipping'. If the player answers 'true' they move their piece forward on the board. If they answer false they will have to perform one of forfits.

There is also the opportunity to use your imagination and tailor cards to the ladies at the party. For example, if the maid of honour knows for a fact that the blushing bride did something particularly embarrassing whilst on Spring Break, they could manipulate the game so that it is revealed to all of the guests. The game is ideal for a girls' night in, a hen party or a bridal shower and is intended for adult players aged 18 and above.

Girlfriend's Intuition

The great thing about Girlfriend's Intuition is that it is played in teams. Choose teams at random, play with people you barely know or why not divide into teams of single and married ladies? Either way this game is the perfect way to spice up the bachelorette party and it's ideal for women of all ages.

Share your most naughty, most romantic, and most hilarious secrets with the other hens. The familiar question and answer format means that it's easy to pick up the rules of the game. A relaxed and fun bachelorette party board game that is mildly competitive, slightly strategic and guaranteed to have you giggling, gasping and groaning with laughter.

Selected Amazon Review: "You will never laugh so hard. I would definitely recommend that every woman who is a girl at heart get this game, and play it with her friends!!" 

How to Play Girlfriend's Intuition

The game can be played in teams of two or on your own. Players use their intuition to guess the answers that their teammate or players on an opposing team have given to a range of questions from the 'girl talk' cards. These cover various topics like everyday life, relationships and they can even get a bit raunchy at times which. 

Everytime a team answers, they collect stunning diamonds. The team that gathers the greatest amount of diamonds wins. Girls Just Wanna Know questions are the funniest of the lot, and the Whisper Bonus cards give players a chance to steal diamonds from their opposition. 

Girlfriend's Intuition also comes in a handy travel edition if you are throwing the bachelorette party away from home.

What's A Dame to Do?

What's a Dame to Do? was featured on the Today Show and you can tell why they picked it out. It's all about predicting which of your girlfriends knows you the best or what they'd do in certain situations, called 'dame dilemmas'. A gentle but funny game that would be best accompanied by wine at chocolates. This is less naughty than the other two games featured in this article so if your bride-to-be is a little more reserved, this could be the perfect choice for their send-off to married life; a fantastic bachelorette party board game.

Selected Amazon Review: "Within a few minutes, we were laughing so hard that we were crying and rolling on the floor! It was such a hit. A great game for adult women".

What's a DAME to do?!
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(price as of Jun 1, 2013)

How to Play What's a Dame to Do?

 The first player flips over a Dilemma card and reads the card aloud. It will say something like "Whilst out running I notice people staring at me. I stop to take a breath and notice my left breast has popped out. What's a dame to do?" The Dilemma cards themselves can be pretty funny, but it's the Reaction cards that will cause the most laughter. 

The diva with the Dilemma must try and keep a poker face so as not to reveal what she would do in this situation.

Each of the other players has ten Reaction cards to choose from which they must keep secret from the other girls.. They pick the reaction they think is most likely for the situation and lay it face down. The Reaction cards are then shuffled and read out one by one by the diva with the Dilemma. She picks which reaction she would choose and the player who placed down that card gets to progress around the board.

The board game can be tailored for a bachelorette party by having the bride make all the big decisions.

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