It might seem simple to some but planning a bride-to-be's singlehood farewell celebration involves a lot of things. Here is a comprehensive bachelorette party items list that can be ticked off as one goes through the different stages of planning:

  • Ask the bride what she wants for her party and who to invite
  • Contact guests and decide common free time, transportation, and budget contributions – do not forget to discuss other pertinent details like party themes and activities; this will give them a chance to back out in case they are not comfortable with the aforementioned
  • Send out the invitations (at least 2 weeks before event)
  • Pick and reserve a venue – see if there is sufficient parking space; if it is too far away, arrange for accommodations
  • Make menu – consider guests' allergies and diets
  • Submit the menu to the venue if they have cooking services. If the party is done at home, then consider catering or potluck from the guests
  • Have enough dishes and utensils if the party is being held anywhere not a restaurant
  • Have a playlist – best if it contains songs that come from the bride's "time" (like when she was in high school)
  • Arrange for sound systems if venue does not have one (if done at home, an iPod with decent sounding speakers would do)
  • Get decorations according to theme – do not overdo, as it would become tacky
  • Get bachelorette party items like tiaras, sashes, t-shirts, fake tattoos, glow in the dark body paint, etc. as long as the bride is comfortable with it
  • Purchase party giveaways – these could be small things placed in a loot bag or one big thing like a t-shirt that commemorates the event
  • Plan some bachelorette games to make the whole evening enjoyable for the bride and all her guests

There could be more bachelorette party items added to this list depending on the kind of party and the kind of bride you are dealing with.

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