Examining Google's Ranking Algorithm

Improve Google Page RankIf you have ever built a blog, or website, you are aware of the power of Google Page Rank. Basically your Google Page Rank, of any given web page that you build on the internet, is the indicator of value placed upon your page by Google. Web designers and bloggers alike are always trying to improve their page rank.

Commonly, your page rank is refereed to as PR followed by a number. Google Page Rank value is determined on a scale of 1-10. 1 being the lowest number, 10 being the highest. If your website or blog is a PR1 then you work day and night to get it to a PR10. This is not as easy as it may sound.

Google determines page rank by several different factors. Without boring you with percentages, studies have shown, that Google places importance on a few factors that happen during everyday internet activity.


Joe Schmo builds a blog. He writes good content, he keywords well and he is excited about making money online. He opens a Google Adsense account and decides to monetize his blog. Months go by, and he makes nothing, even though, he followed all the rules, zilch was the return.

Joe Schmo made the exact mistake that many people do who are new to making money from home. He did not market himself. Everyone who wants to run a successful site from home needs to learn about internet marketing. The average websites PR ranking is a result of internet marketing. You could have the most valuable content in the world and it won't matter if it doesn't get seen.

The Search Engine Ranking of any internet page is determined by a number of factors as well. Your search engine ranking is determined by what Google likes. If your site is not optimized by the factors that Google has determined you will not get page views.

Google Likes:

Keyword Focused Anchor Text from External Link Sources

External Link Popularity

Diversity of Link Sources

Keyword Use in a Tag or Title

Trustworthiness in the site you are Linked to

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that is not Spam

Google Sear Results Organic and PaidDo not confuse Search Engine Ranking(SERP) and Google Page Rank (PR). While the two algorithms go hand in hand they are different and determined by a different set of values. Where you rank in the search engines is determined by the factors listed above. The authority a site has in the search rankings is determined by keywords, and Google Page Rank. The authority you have within the search rankings determines where you will place in the race. You want your website to be an authority, and you want to be within the top 5 in a Google search.

Think of the internet as a democracy. Joe Schmo is a lonely man in a small town trying to become a politician. He has a great plan for how he will change the world (don't we all) but his plan doesn't reach readers. Joe Schmo is very sad. You see, Joe Schmo needs votes, and he needs votes that count. Internet marketing is his way to get those votes.

Google is President. As President Google determines who will climb the political (search engine) ladder. Google likes Joe Schmo's politics. BUT. Who is Joe Schmo? Google looks around and sends a request to Digg the Vice President. Digg doesn't know Joe Schmo either. Google sends some more request's looking for anyone that knows Joe Schmo. All requests return the same information. No one knows Joe Schmo, he is sand boxed in the search rankings, and sadly none will read his words.

To make money on the internet you must be somebody. Some website, somewhere, needs to be able to say: "I know Joe, and Joe is great". Every website on the internet has a direct relationship with another. Good back links develop that relationship. Back links are a vote from one website to another. Back links are a 'thumbs-up' in Google's eyes (when they come from the right source)and will help you to build a web presence.

Part 2 of Back-Link Link Magic will focus on quality back link sources.