Quality Back Links

Google Page RankJoe Schmo was really excited when he read Back Link Magic Part 1. He was ready to build his internet marketing campaign. Joe learned that one of the keys to a successful website is back links. Joe needs votes (back links) but he is tired. He works all day, and his kids need him. Joe sees an ad that he thinks is great. The ad guarantees traffic for $159.00. Joe is overjoyed. He will get all the traffic his site needs just by paying this company to build back links for him. Right? Wrong!

As Joe's campaign manager I felt I needed to step in at this point to direct him. Google HATES link acquisition!(link farms) In other words, the quickest way to loose your Google Adsense account is paying a fraudulent service to 'help you.' The only people that make money in this case is the link brokering firm. I cannot stress enough that there is no way to build a site, with a following and make money over-night. I don't care how much these sites offer you, and how sweet the deal seems, DON'T DO IT. There are free, honest, ways to get back links and improve your sites Google Page Rank as well as your Search Engine Rank.

OK, lets assume, your website has a PR1 ranking. This is the lowest rank that Google assigns. If you have no ranking the steps throughout this series will help you. You do need, to know what your Google Page Rank is, and a quick internet search will give you those results. You need to improve the Google Page Ranking of every page in your website to rank better in the search engines.

As a website publisher your goal is to obtain links from websites that have a higher PR ranking higher than you do. You don't want to link a site that has a lower PR. This moves your website backward and you want to move forward. Linking to a site that has a lower Google Page Rank than you do looks like a vote for that site instead of yours. The only time you should link to a site that ranks lower is if the follow through traffic will be good.


Your build a website, you post the link to your school's forum. People from your school like you and so they go to your website. In this case linking to your school's website that is a PR3 when you are a PR4 is OK. The traffic you gain outweighs any negativity.

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Back Link Sources

You can gain good quality back links from a variety of sources on the internet. Social bookmarking websites are a great source for quality back links. Chances are, you already have a following, at the major social networking sites: Facebook(PR9) and Myspace(PR9). Now the key to back linking at social bookmarking sites is to NOT spam your friends. It is acceptable, to post links, in a live feed. These sites also have internet marketing groups. Joining one will make sure you are posting your links to people who WANT to see them. These internet marketing groups are all focused on the same goal, working from home, and building an internet empire. You will fit right in!

Digg, Stumble Upon, Yahoo Buzz, and a few others are also a great source for back links. If your website is in the business of giving information these sources can help you build a following. Again the goal is not to spam every bookmarking site on the internet.

Part 3 of Back Link Magic will focus on obtaining back links from sources you may not have considered.