Alternative Back link Sources

Webmaster tools Improve PR RankIn Back-Link Link Magic Part 1 and Part 2 we learned the importance of back links and where you could get them. Now we will look at some different sources for back links and how you should be using them for quality back linking. These tips will be used on sites like Xomba, and SheToldMe.

Hopping onto a website to post a standard link that looks like http:// is not good enough! Every link you post should be a keyword focused anchored text link. When you are posting on Myspace, Facebook, or any other website you should always text anchor your links!

Some sites may not offer a hot key or icon function to insert keyword anchored text links. If the website does not offer that feature then you only need a small piece of HTML code to insert the anchored link.

[url=Your URL HERE][b]Keyword Description Here[/b][/url]

This will make your keyword link appear in bold. Bold text is very good. (As readers of AJ Tynes Blog know) Bold text sends Google bot into a frenzy. Bold text is what web designers and bloggers use to signify to Google that something important is happening.

If you want valuable back links in a place where everyone is posting them look to SheToldMe and Xomba. These two sources are great! First, you can make extra money from them (always a bonus) Second you have the ability to network with in these sites to build a following. Third, you write about why your site is important, what you have to offer, and build links on the quality of what you have to say. Xomba is a PR5 website. SheToldMe is also a PR5 site. These sites are a great source for back links and building a reputation on the internet. Your reputation is very important to your web presence.

Bitly Back Link Magic

Back-Link Link Magic

What I am about to show you is common knowledge. It quite possibly will change the way you think about internet marketing forever. What if you could change your PR1 website into a PR6 website in a second. Would you? You might say "This is impossible." You would be wrong. I invite you to check the Alexa rating and Google Page Rank for Tinyurl(PR6) and is ranked 428 in the US traffic rank and 686 in the world. is ranked 91 in US traffic rank and 188 worldwide.

You might ask why this is relevant to your success? That is a very important question. Both of these websites perform a very specific job. They will change any link (shorten it) and produce a new link from it. If this still doesn't make sense then you must see the example.

Your link:

New TinyUrL Link:

New Link:

You can use any of the links above to get to Back-Link Link Magic Part 1. You may be rolling your eyes and saying "Big deal, you just shortened the link." You are right, and that is a very big deal. Info Barrel is a PR4 website. is a PR7 website, and Tinyurl is a PR5 website.

Tinyurl Alexa

This is where the back link magic happens. For the sake of argument (nothing against the sites) lets say:

Google doesn't like Info Barrel (PR4) as much as it likes Tinurl(PR5) and it likes (PR7) much more. By shortening any link on the web you can change it's weight in the search engine. Assuming you aren't a PR8 website. You can now use the new links you generated, in your keyword anchored texts. On sites like Xomba and SheToldMe you can now promote your new PR5 or PR7 link. If your website is good, promoting it like this will gain you traffic in the search engines.

Ask yourself why a link shortening site would be so popular? The only service it provides it to shorten links. Could it be that webmasters figured out early on that it is easier for 100,000 users to add to the popularity of one site, than 100,000 websites?

When you understand how search engines work, and what your Google Page Rank means in relationship to them you can change your business practices accordingly. I invite you to test the theories you have learned through reading Back-Link Link Magic. You have nothing to loose.