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Looking for back massage gadgets is fun and interesting. You never know what you will find for yourself or someone else. We all love back massage gadgets because they help us to relax and get rid of stress as well as ease our aches and pains. There isn't another gadget on the market that can do what a back massage gadget can do when it comes to making us feel good. Other gadgets can be fun, but once the thrill is gone we are weary of them. Not so with massage gadgets we use them until they die. Then when they die we look for a new massage gadget and are never disappointed because there are always new ones to peek our interest.

The biggest attraction to back massage gadgets seems to be what they feel like, since we love to feel good. While massage gadgets do make us feel good they also come with health benefits such as improved circulation, increased flexibility, mobility and range of motion. And best of all massage devices are natural pain relievers. This means fewer trips to the doctor, which means less medical expenses. So it seems that massage gadgets are a way to practice preventive health care and pay for themselves in the long run. It looks like you don't have to feel guilty for getting a new massage gadget since it isn't a toy after all.

There are several types of back massage gadgets; some are simple and cost effective while others are complex and costly. Electronic massagers offer all kinds of features and the more features they have the more they cost. The best thing a person can do is read reviews and check out some of the best selling massage devices online to help them decide which ones really do what they say they can do. Now let's look at a few current best selling back massage gadgets to see what they have to offer.

Back Massage Gadgets- Reviews

Our first back massage gadget is the Body Back Buddy this gadget is quite popular and has over 150 reviews on Amazon with an almost 5 star rating. You will have to go over and check it out it is a weird looking back massage gadget, but who cares if it actually works right? It can also be used on any other part of the body, which means it is versatile. An excellent massage gadget that can be used for years to come as it is built to last. If you have frequent aches, pains, stress and all the rest this is the massage gadget for you. It is simple and effective as well as priced to sell at under $30.

If you're low on money this hand held back massage gadget is just the ticket. The Original Jacknobber II by the Pressure Positive Company is able to meet your massage needs. It's kind of a cool looking gadget that is designed to provide pleasant and relaxing back massage. It has 2 larger knobs for more broad gentle pressure and 2 small for deeper more intense pressure. It has a cousin called the Knobble II which looks like a door knob, both are excellent with 4 star ratings and sell for under $8.

There are quite a few back massager gadgets made by the Pressure Positive Company so it seems and one other massage device they offer is the Original Backnobber II which has a 5 star rating and 96 reviews, but cost a bit more at under $30. It is similar to the Body Back Buddy in that it has a hook shape. However, this one is more travel friendly since it is easier to pack. You can use this massage device for years to come as it is made to last, so it is worth a look see.

Yet another excellent back massager gadget that is designed for self use is the Theracane Massager and gets its name from its shape as it is shaped like a cane. This massager has a five star rating with over 300 reviews safe to say it is a best seller and does what it says it can do. It is designed to get to hard to reach muscles that are tense and knotted. Comes with a 2 year warranty and cost is just under $30.

This next gadget isn't really a massager, but it works to realign the back and looks and sounds like a true gadget that is of interest. It is called the Spine- Worx Back Relignment Device and it is rather strange looking gadget, however, it has over 250 reviews and seems to be quite popular. It is portable, simple and lightweight as well as helps to relieve pain and irritation in the back. Cost is under $35.

Now let's look at an electric back massager gadget called the Handheld Percussion Massager with Infrared Light by Fatherland Shop. Features include: soothing infrared light, interchangeable massage heads, ergonomic design and variety of intensity and speed while massaging. This looks to be a well priced electric massager for under $30 with excellent performance and sleek design.

If you like Panasonic products then here you go. The Panasonic EV2510K Easy Reach Roller and Point Handheld Massager, black /green is a sure to please back massage gadget. Features include: special elbow angled design that allows better reach to upper back and other areas, 3 vibration modes, wide surface, high and low setting with 2 speeds. Attractive design priced under $35.

Lastly, for those who want a back massage gadget with all the bells and whistles this one is for you. The Homedics QRM-400 Quad Roller Massaging Cushion with Traveling Shiatsu Massage is a high end massage device that is designed for pleasure and convenience. This back massager provides the benefits of a massage chair for a fraction of the cost. It comes with 6 programs and includes full shiatsu and rolling massage and too many features to go into here you need to read the over 100 reviews on Amazon to get the full story. It is priced excellent for all you get at $170.

These best selling back massage gadgets are sure to do what they say they can do. Check them out compare prices and get one for yourself and maybe one as a gift for someone else.

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