Massage is a very beautiful thing to receive. It can also be a wonderful and sensual thing to give a good massage. And one of the most important areas of massage is in and around the back. Your back comprises of some of the main muscle groups in your body. And it is in these areas that a lot of built-up tension will reside. Therefore back massage will work all of these muscles in turn.

The secrets to a good back massage are to work all the muscles as individuals. I would always start at the top around the shoulders. Rub your hands around the neck and out towards the arms. You just use your thumbs to try and work out any tight knots that are inside the muscles.

The next part you should concentrate on is the upper back. Here you should work from the shoulders down on each side. You should start with one hand on the shoulder, the other hand on the lower back smoothly bring each and together in a firm action to keep this process over and over. Reverse the process and start on the other side.

It is also the same as with the lower back muscles firm movements are required.

To finish off you can always do a bit of pummeling and cat strokes. These are two advanced techniques. The second one being used completely relax, and back massage can also be used as a sensual precursor to more intimate pleasures.