The Best Ways To Build Your Back

The back muscles are often a neglected muscle. You’ll commonly find more people with a bigger chest while their back suffers with little strength or muscle size. Just because you can’t see your own back it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay any attention to it.

There are many reasons to have a stronger and bigger back. A stronger behind will help you bench press more as well as increase the muscle size of your upper body (especially chest). Your shoulders will be more stabilization and muscle imbalances will be avoided. The latissimus muscles also help with keeping your back straight. This will help keep pressure off your spine and joints.nn

The back should be trained with more free weights than machines. The reason for this being that free weights needs balance and stabilizing the weights which will need more focus and work. As a result you gain more muscle mass than machines.

Free weights are also more functional than machines. When you are bending over and picking up something with your legs and back, you need balance and stabilization to prevent you from falling and hurting yourself.

When you train this with machines, you won’t achieve anything close to that. With free weights, you are freely moving with the weight and it requires you to control where it goes and not like machine would help.

A stronger back will allow your bench press to more and your chest muscles will get bigger. When you have a balanced body of muscle, you will allow for more muscle mass to add to your frame. With a weak point, you will limit how much muscle you can gain to your chest and arms.

You would suffer from muscle imbalances if you have a strong push and a weak pull (back). When you bench press, you activate your lats muscles to pull the bar down to your chest and to push it back up. If you have strong lats, you will find yourself benching more weight. This will result in a bigger chest.

The job of the back muscles is to support your posture. If you do push exercises while not pulling as much as you push, you will find your shoulders to be rolled forward. This is why most bench pressers will have their back slouched over their shoulders forward.

Improve your back strength and you will find your shoulders to be pulled back naturally with your back. Maintaining a proper posture will benefit your spine health. You don’t want to start complaining from back pain, you will thank me later on this one.

Without focusing on your pulling exercises, you risk having a muscle imbalance with your shoulders. This will cause pain in the future because if you push more than you pull, your anterior (front) shoulders become stronger than your posterior (back) shoulders.nn

If your posterior is over powered by the anterior, than you will face instability problems which put you at a higher risk for injury. To be on the safe side, do more pulling exercises than pushing. This will make sure you don’t run into any problems for your shoulders. This will benefit your bench press anyway as your back plays a big role in the chest exercises.

I could ramble on for days about how important a strong back is. The point is, you need to focus on your back even if you can’t see it. It is still there.
I’ll show you how you can get more muscle density in your back and how you can strengthen it.
A muscle is a muscle, you can’t choose the shape of it and there is only one way to make it grow and that’s through training and diet. For woman you don’t need to worry about the size as you don’t have the testosterone of a man to build giant muscles unless you use synthetic drugs (like steroids) to help you.

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Whether your goal is to tone or build more muscle, try these exercises for a bigger and stronger back:

Dumbbell Rows are a great back exercise. Your core is engaged when performing these and they can be done with different types of equipment like kettle bells or sand bags. You can also do these with barbells. It will help you strengthen your back as well as thicken it. When you perform this exercise, do it slowly to fully contract the back. You can do one to two dumbbells at a time.

Pull ups are a true test of strength. And a great muscle builder for the whole upper body. They offer a wide range of benefits including building strength, muscle mass and could be a great muscular endurance exercise. They are used in almost every fitness test and they should be done as many times as possible. If you can't do one, then do assisted until you can do it on your

Deadlifts are a crucial part of any back program. This exercise strengthens and builds a muscular back like no other exercise. Perform these in the 6-10 repetition range. There are a few variations, it doesnt matter which one you do. As long as it's safe for you, and you're able to do it in good form. Do not add any weights until you get the form right.

They are a great exercise for your lower back as well. With that said, some say this is a dangerous exercise because of that but it can actually be good for your back if you do it right. Any exercise can be dangerous if you let it to be. Don't avoid them just because you heard something about it.

The key to a thicker back is to use these exercises and use them in a workout performed once a week at high intensity. Meaning you need to keep your heart rate up (assuming you are ok to exercise as per your doctor) and you moving with short rest stop between sets for a set period of time. It is pointless to work out more than an hour as you will not benefit from training longer. This will cause too much stress on your body and you might over train.

You can also combine your back workout with chest. Doing so will allow you to lift more weight as they are two opposite muscles. Remember back exercises are great for your posture as well!


Start your back exercises today!