Airplane Crash
Credit: Google Images

When most of us prepare for an airplane ride; we take whatever seat that's available per our ticket.  There are others however, that insist they be seated in the back of the plane.    These folks don't suffer from Aviophobia,  but have probably grown up believing the myth handed down to them by their parents, that the safest place to be on an airplane is in the back seats.  Is this true or is it really a myth? 

The Noise

For those of us that always end up in the back of the plane, we can tell you about every sound the airplane makes.  There are the sounds of the engine roaring and the dreaded toilet flushes, which seem to happen ever two to three minutes.  Surprisingly, there are millions of travelers that will jump at a chance to get that seating no matter how noisy it is.  After watching, so many terror filled plane crashes in the movies; their belief is the plane is going down nose first or crashing into the side of a mountain.  So, at least they have a chance of surviving because the people in first class surely won't have an opportunity to fly in that section again.

Best Seats

According to a study by Popular Mechanics, 69% of those passengers in the rear seats are likely to be survivors and 59% of those sitting over the wing.  The folks that sit in first class, business class or the front rows of the coach section are the ones most likely to suffer a fatality.  Similar statistics are reported by the Transportation Study Board.  The rear is the safest place.  Now with that being said; please keep in mind that depending upon what happens to the plane, no seats may be safer. 


Statistics show that most airplane crashes are caused by fires and the smoke inhaled by the passengers is the real killer.  The other interesting finding is that 95% of plane   accidents tend to happen when the plan is first taking off or when the plane is landing.  If you understand this one fact, then it's actually safer to take a non-stop flight, effectively giving yourself the best chance of not having an accident.

If you decide to take a flight that has numerous stops, ask the agent at the ticket counter one simple question.  Are there any seats still available in the back of the plane?  She may give you a funny look, but if something happens, you will most likely have the opportunity of getting the last laugh.