If you are looking for a brand of smoothie maker which is not only cheap but very good quality, then you really do need to check out the fantastic range of Back To Basics smoothie makers. This brand as been around for many years and because of this they have lots and lots of different models to choose from out there in the marketplace.

back to basics smoothie makerIf you are a bargain hunter, the best place to pick up a cheap and discounted back to basics smoothie maker is the Internet. With the online retail giant Amazon being one of the best places to buy. Amazon is so popular for many reasons. Number one is probably the cheap prices they offer and number two the unbiased customer reviews on products. These reviews are so important when it comes to buying off the Internet, because they tell you whether or not a product is worth buying and parting with your hard earned cash. Lets take a quick look at just three different models of

Back To Basics Smoothie Makers that are out there in the marketplace.

The first model is the Back to Basics Frosty Blend Smoothie Maker. If you are new to making smoothies then this model is a great model to introduce you to the fabulous world of making smoothies. It is easy to use with its simple on and off controls, it also as a pulse feature on it that makes making delicious tasting smoothies an absolute breeze. The frosty blend runs off a powerful 350-400 watt pulse motor. It has a 40 oz plastic blending container which comes complete with a stir stick and dispensing valve that allows you to make smoothies within seconds. Also included is an instruction manual and recipe booklet to get you started straight away. All you need is the ingredients and your good to go.

Back to Basics SE3000 Smoothie Maker

The second model is a slightly smaller model that offers you a 26 oz blending jar. It has got 3 speed settings and a pulse setting that makes blending almost any ingredient a breeze. With its sharp ice chopping blades it can quickly and easily blend almost any type of frozen food. Another fantastic feature to this smoothie make is the excellent insulated container which can be used as travel mug due to its unique design. It has also got a spill proof lid and is safe to be washed in a dishwasher.

This model is so easy to use and keep clean. To use it all you do is screw the blade up to the top of the cup, flip it over and attach it to the base. Cleaning is also an absolute breeze with its easy blade removal which ensures that you get into every nook and crannie. A good tip is to always clean them straight after blending, by doing this the ingredients are soft and easy to wash away.

The third and final back to basics smoothie maker that we are going to take a quick look at is the Back to Basics SALPHA500 Smoothie Maker. This model operates off a powerful 700 watt pulse motor, that makes crushing and blending so easy and fast. One of the main features of this model is the whopping 48 ounce blending jar. Just one blend is enough to make enough smoothies for all of the family. The unique smoothie stir stick which comes with this model helps to ensure that all the ingredient are moving and result in well mixed delicious tasting smoothie being produced. There is also a dispenser valve which helps to eliminate spills during blending. The dimensions of this wonderful back to basics smoothie maker are 7 inches by 11 inches by 18 inches.

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