Looking to feed your iPhone, iPod, or iPad before going back to class?  The most popular theme for back-to-school apps at iTunes is hands down, those with organizational capabilities.   Although features differ slightly from app to app, the majority are designed to do one thing – keep track of your life in and out of school.  If you’re in the market for one of these helpful apps, read the requirements on the app web page completely.  Not all are compatible with every device available.  In the collection, you’ll find free apps as well as some priced up to $3.99.  Most websites have a demo so you can see how the app works.  You can order these apps from iTunes.

Dragon Go


One of the two products in the organizational apps listed at iTunes that aren’t primarily focused on keeping life tidy, is called Dragon Go.  Completely free, this lifestyle app is voice-powered to help you gather almost any information you need from mobile sites.  Time for dinner?  See the pizza restaurants in your area, compare the results on screen and read restaurant reviews.  Need to search discreetly?  You can order your pizza from class by keying in your request.

Mental Case Flashcards HD

This is the second product that you won't use for organizing your schedule.  A helpful study tool, Mental Case Flashcards is an educational app available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.  Collect cards at no charge from the largest flashcard sites online with extensive topic catalogs.  Install the cards on your portable device or sync them to your big screen Mac, or browse them on the iPad in stunning 3D.  Have specific flash card needs?  Create your own. You also have the option to view cards as a slideshow.  The company offers a free 30 day trial for Max OSX.

Educational, Organizational and Productivity Apps


This product will not get lost in the collection of organizational apps that appear to be too similar to each other.  Are you a gamer with little motivation to take care of the important things in your daily life?  EpicWin puts a fun twist on getting your act together by turning your responsibilities into a game.  Earn points by checking the air pressure in your tires, doing your taxes, or turning in your homework.  When you complete an item on your to-do list, you can blast it away game style.  Totally customize this app to suit your life.  EpicWin could motivate you to become a more productive person!

Grades 2


Wondering what your GPA is?  What grade do you need on your next test in order to keep that “A” in a particular class?  Take control of your grades with Grades 2.  Find out your GPA and the grades you need to stay on track.  Grades 2 alerts you to due dates for assignments.  This app is a 2011 Apple Design Award winner.


Collects your ideas and thoughts on the spot to be stored and retrieved later.  Entries can be sorted and color coded.



Turns your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad into your girl Friday.  Keeps track of your ideas, notes, photos and makes them available with different search criteria.  Evernote also has a record feature for voice memos.



An app organizer for your to-do list.  Includes auto deadline reminders and cloud-sync task manager.

Put Things Off

Called the “laid-back todo list”, “Put Things Off” takes a different approach to organizing your tasks.  Advertised as an aid in managing your time instead of your list of things to do.  Even includes a “Put Things Off” feature for those times when you just don’t feel like completing a task.

Clockonizer: Visual Task Manager

This unique app organizer turns your information into graphics displayed in an interactive format that takes full advantage of the iPhone’s touch-screen capabilities.

iStudiez Pro

Makes order of your chaotic schedule whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent with busy kids. Offers you a reminder for classes and another for assignments and homework.  One button transfers your information to your email.



This organizer stores your schedule in one convenient place.  inClass has a unique feature for those who don’t know what class they’re sitting in.  The app will tell you!  Exports your notes through iTunes to your computer.

Awesome Note

Awarded with Apple App Store Hall of Fame 2011

Record ideas, schedules, journal entries. Email notes from the app to your computer.  Multiple organizational folders even include your bucket list.


Input your assignment grades and this organizer app lets you know what’s going to appear on your report card.  Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Macbook.  Conveniently stores the details of courses and class work allowing students to concentrate on studying.