What if you are working on an important project or presentation at work when all of a sudden, the electricity went out and your computer immediately shuts down. After a while, the power is restored. You try to reboot your computer, but nothing happens. You try to find out what has happened, and as panic builds up, you realized you have backed up the data before the computer had shut down. Backing up your data has saved you time and as well as the important documents in your hard drive.

The Common Causes Of Data Loss

There are various reasons behind data loss. Unfortunately, not all data that are lost or corrupted can be fixed easily. When such incidents occur, the primary and most fail-safe solution is to restore your data from a backup file; thus, the best way to protect your data and yourself is to regularly backup your data.

The common causes of data loss are:

  • Human Errors: The file or program is accidentally deleted or misplaced. Data loss also occurs when errors occur in administrating databases.
  • Crimes: These are intentional acts, such as hacking, larceny, sabotage and industrial espionage
  • Natural Causes: These are usually random causes, such as power and hardware failures, the software crashes suddenly, bugs in the software, or when the software freezes.
  • Natural Calamities: Fire, earthquake, flood, tornado, and so on

Why Backing Up Your Data Is Important

As mentioned earlier, the most fail-safe method to recover your lost or corrupted file is through data backups. But what are data backups? These refer to the copies of your computer's information. These copies can be restored through data recovery techniques and processes after a certain event. Creating backups are useful for two main reasons:

  1. It restores the computer to its operational state after an unfortunate incident.
  2. It helps recover the information files and documents after they have been lost or corrupted.

Data backups are considered as the best method of protecting your files from getting lost and corrupted. The more important the information and data stored in a computer, the greater the need to do backups. This is very essential because information is very valuable, especially to business companies. When a company loses important information or when they are unable to access important data, it will affect their business operations. Data backups allow the company to quickly and successfully recover the information they need. This means that the larger the company, the bigger the danger of data loss; thus, the greater the need for data backups.