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Back to school checklists ensure that you start the school year on the right foot. A checklist for the new school year is not only the things you buy, but also getting the year organized. Knowing how all of the pieces of your schedule fit together will take a lot of stress out of your day. Once everyone‘s schedule is set, parents will not be worried about how to get three kids to three different places all at the same time.

These sections are checklists for the things you need to do before the first school bell rings!

Back to School Checklist #1

School Supplies

Buying school supplies can be a stressful experience for both parents and students. The reality of purchasing the new items tells children that the carefree days of summer are fast coming to an end. Many parents worry about the cost of buying the never ending list of items that teachers send home. It is also a chore to find just the right backpack, lunchbox and water bottle. Heaven forbid if the store is out of the one your child had his or her heart set on!

Or, if your high school is like my daughter’s, the students do not know what they need until the first day of classes. Then hundreds of high school students and their parents descend upon our local WalMart is a zoo. You are lucky if you are able to leave with everything you need!

I am fortunate the my younger children’s supply list comes in their June report card, so I can buy what they need as it goes on sale. If you are not given a back to school supply list, then I suggest you buy everything that is on sale. Chances are those are what your children need.

_____Buy Supplies (and bring the list if you have one)

_____Get rainchecks for items that are sold out

_____If you are unsure of what you son or daughter needs, just get the basics and fill in the gaps when school begins.

_____Pack your child’s backpack as soon as you buy the supply. (This way it will not get lost.)


Back to School Checklist #2

Medical Forms and Immunizations

If your child is playing a fall sport, there are medical forms that need to be filled out in order for them to be able to play on the team. You do not want to wait until the last minute to get them filled out (just like everyone else). Do it as soon as possible to avoid your child sitting on the sidelines.

And if your child is due for an immunization, make sure to have it done.

____Send in forms to the doctor’s office or hand deliver them

____Pick up the forms once they are complete

____Call for an appointment for any needed immunizations


Back to School Checklist #3

Figure out your children’s scheduling needs

The more kids you have, the more places you have to take them to after school. It is best to limit your children to only one or two activities each. For the parent (usually the mom) responsible for carting kids place to place is to try to overload one or two days. That leaves the rest of the week unscheduled and gives everyone a chance to unwind from the hustle and the bustle of after-school activities.

Another scheduling solution get a carpool. If you drive only one way, it is only half the hassle. You can also drive both ways one week, and the other person drives both ways the other week.

You also need to get a backup ride, just in case the carpool doesn’t work out or you cannot get your child to an activity one day. Most people do not mind going out of the way now and then to help someone out. Just be sure to reciprocate.

Find a place to post all of the scheduling information.

_____Schedule your child’s activities

_____Arrange carpools and back-up rides

_____Post the calendar


Back to School Checklist #4

Getting dinner on the table

Unless you are wealthy enough to hire a private chef, someone has to be responsible for putting diner on the table each night. By keeping a menu planner, you can do the bulk of the prep work on the weekend, and dinner will be a breeze to get on the table. You can also do make ahead meals and have a stable of go to dinners that are quick and easy to prepare.  You want family meals to be simple, yer nutritious and enjoyable.

_____Create a weekly menu plan

_____Pantry is filled with items used most often

_____Freezer has meals prepared and ready to defrost


Back to School Checklist #5

Sports equipment is purchased

If your children participate in sports, then you need to make sure that you have all of their equipment purchased before the season starts. Buying a sturdy bag to store athletic needs, buying new cleats and other items needed for the sport should be done early. Many other parents are also looking for the same items as you are.

To avoid losing equipment, make sure everything that needs to be goes right back into the bag after it has been washed or used.

____Sports bag purchased

____Sports shoes purchased

____Buy new equipment


Back to School Checklist #6

Establish homework times and rules

As children get older, they get more homework. There needs to be set aside space and time to do this in a quiet manner. Decide before the school year begins when homework needs to be done. If an activity is in the evening, homework gets done after school. If you have an hour before an activity, have your child do half of the homework before and half later. Everyone needs some chill time! You also need to establish consequences for not finishing work on time.

____Discuss when homework needs to get done

____Establish consequences for not finishing homework in a timely manner


Back to School Checklist #7

Get back to a regular bedtime

In the summer, the days are longer and bedtime gets later. While this is fine for June through mid-August, parents need to readjust their children’s clocks so they can go to sleep at their regular bedtime when school begins.

Start by sending them to bed ten to fifteen minutes earlier until their old bedtime is back in place.

____Put the kids to bed earlier

These simple back to school checklists to get your organized will help everyone get back to school on the right foot.