Back to School 2016 Fashion Tips and Tricks for Girls

If you are the parent of a daughter, back to school fashion, especially for the first day of school, is as important as who is in her class or who will be sitting at her lunch table.  Knowing what to buy and how to wear it becomes more important as girls get older.  If they look good, then they will feel good.  On the first day of school, everyone has a fresh start with a new teacher and new classmates.  There is nothing like a new outfit, along with all of her new back to school supplies, to make your daughter feel like a million bucks.

Shopping for this special school outfit should take place a few weeks before class begins.  Be prepared to buy several new outfits, as your daughter will probably change her mind about what to wear as she enters a new school year.

In addition to clothing, you will be purchasing new sneakers and shoes.  For girls who are into their hair, accessories that match their new outfits will also be on your shopping list.

Fashion for Girls Ages 5-8

Back to school fashion for younger girls is something all parents should appreciate while they can.  Many girls this age will let you dress then however you want in whatever you buy, as they do not have strong opinions on fashion-yet!  Battles over what is appropriate and which store to buy clothes will not be prevalent at this age.

Rare Editions Dress for Back to School FashionsCredit: are some cute back to school fashions for girls in kindergarten through second grade.


My older daughter went through a phase where she wore dresses to school almost every day.  The fancier, the better!  My mom delighted in buying her only granddaughter (at that time) any dress she wanted.

Mary Janes with the tiny heels and bows are a pair of shoes that every woman has owned in her lifetime.  These classic shoes have never gone out of style. Little girls love the shiny patent leather and delicate accents.  Don’t forget to pair these with a frilly pair of socks.

Fashion for Ages 9-11

Ah, the tween years.  The period of growing up when your daughter will stop paying attention to what you like and start focusing in on what others are wearing.  During this phase of childhood, many girls start to lose their individuality as they desire to dress like everybody else.  Make your life easy, just go with it.  She will find her own sense of style once she outgrows this stage of early puberty.

What do girls in third through fifth grade want to wear on the first day of school?  Cute outfits from their favorite tween stores, like Justice and PS Aeropostale work, as well as the clothing from the girls department in stores like Kohl’s and Macy’s.  They like lots of bling, glitter and style that mimics older girls.

Another thing tweens like to wear are character clothes. Anything that features a popular character fro a live action show is perfect for girls this age. For example, anything from Disney's Descendants, the hit Disney Channel film, is still the rage for back to school 2016.

Disney Descendants tee Shirt for GirlsCredit:


The Middle School YearsBack to School Fashion HollisterCredit:

A word of advice-start saving your money for middle school clothing while your daughter is young.  The peer pressure to wear the “right” labels is heavy.  Shelling out fifty dollars or more for one pair of jeans is not uncommon, unless you know where and how to shop. 

What names are popular with girls this age?  Holliter, Abercrombie, Aeropostale and American Eagle are just a few labels your daughter will be asking for.  To get the most bang for your buck, pair one of their favorite branded tee shirts with a pair of capris or shorts.  The labels on these items are not as significant for jeans.  More than likely, it will be too hot for long pants on the first day of school so buying a pair of expensive jeans can wait.

High School Clothing
Back to School Fashions for High School GrilsCredit:
Just when you think your daughter has lost her sense of style because she is wearing what everyone else is, along comes high school.  Instead of wearing what the crowd is, girls this age find a balance of combining what is in style with their own personal style.  Clothing can be bought anywhere-even in thrift stores and consignment shops like Plato’s Closet.  

Other than making sure she is following the school dress code, parents have little say on what their daughter wears in high school.  As long as the clothing is tasteful and appropriate, it is best to keep your mouth shut.

On the first day, many teens wear shorts and a stylish shirt from their favorite store-Delia’s, Forever 21, Wet Seal, or Charlotte Rousse.  

Back to school fashions for the first day of school is important to many girls.  Looking good makes that first day back a little bit easier.

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