TwinkleToes shoes

The time of year is approching for Back to school clothing! One of your teen or pre teens most important part of their wardrobe is their shoes! All the other clothes will look great as long as the shoes are cool!

Skechers makes some pretty cool shoes for kids. If you are interested in Light up shoes for your wee little one then might I suggest Hotlights from Skechers. The shoe lights up with each step. Hotlights come in a variety of different themes such as policeman, fireman or race car. Parents seem to like how durable these shoe are.

Skechers makes the Luminator shoes too. These shoes claim to light up the night with new light technology. These shoes offer the Skecher quality such as comfortable midsoles and style. The Luminators have extra lighting design on their hook and latch system. Be wary that parents have complained the lights on these shoes quit working after about a month. The shoes come in big and little kids sizes.

Skechers also makes a line of shoes just for girls. the Twinkle Toes line includes some of the most fashionable sneaks around. If I were a pre teen or teen I would want a pair! ( Oh who am I kidding, I am much older than that and I DO want a pair!) The Twinkle Toes Line is named so because of all the sequins on the toes of the shoe. Every shoe in this line has squins embedded in the toe. The Sneakers come in amany different designs. the cavanvas shoe offer printed roses, flowers or other patterns. Not all shoes have laces. These are a slip on shoe. Some shoes have a glittery canvas or glittery eyerow. Every shoe comes with a trademark rose charm that hangs off the eyerow. These shoes look great with a pair of jeans or even with a dressy skirt. No matter what kind of girl your teen or tween is (Tomboy,Punk Rocker or Princess), she will find a shoe for her.

Skechers make great back to school shoes for kids. No doubt your child or teen will be asking you for a pair on their back to school list!