Plan and Organize the School Year Now

For many families, summer is a time to enjoy. Gone is the hectic pace of school, homework, and after school sports and activities. Time is now set aside for more pleasant things, like sleeping in, going to the pool, and not living by the clock.

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All of this comes to a jolting end when you start getting the emails, texts and phone calls about who has been assigned to your child’s class. Reality comes into sharp focus as the days of laziness start to come to a end and visions of homework, lessons, and practice replace it.

For parents who want to maintain a more relaxed feel during the school year, here are some time saving tips to help you ease back into the routine of going back to school.

Tip #1 Buy All of Your Supplies Ahead of Time

Waiting Causes Stress!

There are some people who think of school as a dirty word-and that is the parents! They are not fond of back to school sales and commercials that populate the media sometime during the month of July.

And then you have your procrastinators. Why buy what is on the supply list now when you can wait until Labor Day to go to the store and make your purchases?

The reasons you need to buy your school supplies early is not only to save money, but to save you from stress. The supply list is given in advance for a reason-the teacher wants your child to come to class ready to learn on the first day. Organizing binders, setting up folders and creating the right atmosphere sets the tone for the new academic year. Who wants to go to school on the first day unprepared because no store had the three purple folders and two green binders that were required?

When my oldest daughter was in elementary school, the list was not given out until a week before school started. The rush to our local Walmart was more than I could bare with her and two toddlers in tow. Shelves were often bare and we had to trek store to store to find what was needed. As a teacher, there was no way my daughter was going to school on the first day unprepared!  I so appreciate that now the list goes home with the last report card in June.

While you are shopping for items on the list, buy extras. It will save you time.

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If you child like a particular character, chances are others in his or her age bracket do as well. Have your child make the decision to as to which backpack s/he wants for school and buy it now before the choice is gone.

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Time Saving Tip #2

Cook Meals Ahead of Time

For many families involved in sports and lessons, getting dinner on the table without resorting to take out or fast food is a challenge. This is especially true with both parents are working outside the home.

During the quieter days of summer, have your kids help you prepare meals that will store easily in the freezer. For example, if your kids love meatballs, buy five pounds of ground beef or turkey and start preparing them! Cook them up and freeze them in containers for quick reheating. Or if you prefer a crock pot, freeze them uncooked and then pop them in sauce in the slow cooker and come home to a completed meal.

Other foods that you can make ahead are taco meat, lasagnas, baked ziti, and meatloaf.

You can also bake treats ahead like cookies and muffins to add to your child’s lunch box.



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Back to School Time Saving Tip #3

Buy Important Items in Bulk

Let’s face it, it stinks to run out of toilet paper or toothpaste, and it is a big time sucker to have to go to the store for just one item. To save time, buy your most important items in bulk so you will not run out of them as soon as school starts. Personal hygiene items like shampoo or soap, favorite snack foods for lunch boxes like chips and pretzels, and anything else you do not wish to run out of can be stored in various areas of your home.

A Book for Organizing Your Kids

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If you need help getting it together with your kids, this book will give you additional ideas for getting everyone together.

Time Saving Tip #4

Be Prepared

You do not have to be a Boy Scout or Girl Scout leader to know the importance of preparedness. My mom went back to work as a substitute teacher when I was in second grade. She never knew when she would be getting a call to work, so in order to avoid last minute rushing around, my brother and I had to lay out all of our clothes the night before. She packed out lunches so all we had to do is take them out fo the fridge and be on our way.

In order to save time, there has to be a central place or “launch pad” where the kids keep their already packed backpacks, shoes and coats. No looking for a lost sneaker on gym day, no searching for a missing glove in the winter, and all papers are in the folder signed and ready to return to the teacher. This is especially important if you have a child who is an unorganized slowpoke (like I do.)

These back to school time saving tips will help make the transition from summer to school easier on everybody.

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