Send Your Kids Back to School in Style

Summer has barely started in many parts of the United Staes, but the week after the 4th of July, stores have their back to school sections filled with the latest supplies for children of all ages. Nothing brings a tear of sadness to a child’s eye (or tears of joy to a parent at home with their children) then seeing rows of neatly stacked notebooks, magic markers and other assorted student necessities.

As the new 2015 school year slowly gets closer, what are the trends that parents need to know about so that their son or daughter is ready to tackle the new year with all the right things?


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USA Olympic Team Apparel

With the summer Olympics taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in August, a time when many children in parts of the United States are returning to school, wearing Team USA Olympic apparel will keep kids in the spirit of summer, even if they are walking to school and not to the park.

Apparel bearing anything Olympian and indicating that we are the champions is going to be very popular among the sporty girls in school.


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This tee shirt is just one of several that girls can wear to show how much of a fan they are of this amazing soccer player. This shirt is available in yellow, gray, dark blue, blue and black and in sizes Small to 2 Extra Large.

Limited Edition Team USA Sock

2016 USA Pride Athletic Crew Socks (Navy/Red/White, Medium)
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(price as of Jul 21, 2016)
Show your pride with these patriotic red, white and blue sock.

Emoji Wear is All the Rage

Those who use smartphones or are knowledgable about social media are familiar with emojis. They are digital facial or animated icons that people use in texts or on Facebook posts to express your emotions while talking without face to face contact. 

Clothes that feature these adorable images can be found on clothing and accessories for older girls. This is an acceptable kind of character for girls who have outgrown Hello Kitty and Justice but still like to have an icon of some sort on their clothing.

Emoji wear comes in dresses, tank tops and shirts.

Perfect for Older Girls in the Upper Grades or Middle School

Forever Womens 3/4 Sleeves Emoji Print Stretchy Top
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(price as of Jul 21, 2016)
The 3.4 sleeve length is perfect for the upcoming cooler fall days. This shirt stretches and provides coverage that school dress codes require.

Disney Back to School Supplies Are a Must Have for Kids of All Ages

Both adults and children have become completely enamored with Disney’s newest film sensation, Finding Dory. After waiting thirteen years for a sequel, fans of Finding Nemo are finally getting some answers to what happened after the last movie ended.

Backpacks, lunch boxes and other school supplies that feature the newest Disney princess Elena of Avalor are going to be a must have on many children’s back to school list. Of course, clothing featuring these colorful characters will also be items that are requested for their new fall wardrobe.

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Of course, anything related to Frozen will also be popular with kids as well!

Preschoolers also have their own favorite Disney characters from programs that have been created just for them. Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, Miles From Tomorrowland, Sofia the First, and Doc McStuffins are just a few of the shows that have their own cast of adorable characters.

Nick Junior also has a full lineup of children's programming that is just for preschoolers. Among the favorites of 2015 are Paw Patrol and Wallykazam.

Over 30 Characters Available-Paw Patrol, Ninja Turtles, Marvel and More!

Favorite shows for both boys and girls!

Thermos Funtainer 10 Ounce Food Jar, Hello Kitty - Pink/Blue (Design may Vary)
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(price as of Jul 21, 2016)
Thermos has a line of Funtainer thermoses that has some of the most popular characters for girls and boys, including Sofia the First, Cars, Paw Patrol, Frozen and Superman.

Nike Elite and Nike Vapor Basketball Socks

If you are the parent of a son over the age of nine, then you are more that familiar with this trend. It does not matter how cold it is, boys will wear long basketball shorts to school with a tee shirt and a pair of Nike basketball socks. No other brand or kind of sock will do.

As the mother of an upcoming seventh grader, I have decided not to pick this battle, even when there are fire drills in the dead of winter and he is cold. 

The only sock you will see the boys in my area wear are Nike Elite, Nike Lebron Elite or Nike Vapor socks. At least they are long enough to cover most of their legs so it is almost like they are wearing pants!

Nike Socks for Growing Boys

Nike Vapor Football Crew-L Style: SX4598-001 Size: OS
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(price as of Jul 21, 2016)
There is an assortment of colors that you can choose from this line of socks. Stick to the basics and if your son is into pink or
lime green, you may be able to score good price on this line of male accessories.

LeBron James Sneakers

Sneakers have always been one of the most expensive back to school items, but nowadays expense of a single pair equates to a car payment.

But, if your son is craving a pair of LeBron James sneakers like my son was, it was an invaluable opportunity to teach him the value of a dollar. When he first showed my husband and me the pair he wanted, we just looked at him like he was crazy. Was he new to our home?

But he is well aware of how both of us always are on the lookout for the best deal on whatever we purchase, whether it is a television or a jar of peanut butter. He found a $200 pair on sale for $150 with free shipping. After showing it to me, I told him that my limit was $80 on sneakers-was he willing to pony up the dough for the other seventy bucks?

He was. And both of us are happy with the purchase because we both got what we wanted-and he learned how to bargain hunt for items he coveted!

A Colorful Pair of Kicks for Boys

Nike Men's Lebron XII Laser Orange/Bright Crimson Basketball Shoe 11 Men US
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(price as of Jul 21, 2016)
This is the pair my son wears and he loves them!

These are just some of the popular back to school trends for 2016. Be on the lookout for sales so you can get yours for a fantastic price so both your child and you can begin the new year with a smile!