School Uniforms or Dress Code

Vacation time is almost over and it is almost time to go back to school and continue with the routine of going to bed at 9pm and getting up early; besides, you need to dedicate a few hours everyday for homework and special projects. Good planning between parents, children and teachers is the key of success in your studies and making new friends.



Schools will be open again in just a few days; parents, children and teachers are now getting ready for the new academic year; however, the subjects you will study, the learning process and the experience you will live will vary dramatically from one student to the other; this will depend to a certain extend to your own personality, the things you have experienced during previous years and the things you have done during your vacation time; although, the particularities of your teachers and parents will also have a big impact. We can honestly say that many children are starting to feel sad because they know that ‘play time’ and spending endless hours in from of the TV and computer is almost over; however, many others can’t wait to get back to school to reencounter old friends and start wearing your brand new uniform (or school clothes if you hate the term uniform).

What to Wear: School Dress Codes or School Uniforms?

School Uniform Debates are on the rise nowadays; many students believe that a uniform is impersonal and unseasonal; while parents and teachers think that what the students wear affects their academic performance and their social behavior; one of the arguments is that by implementing uniforms, many schools have recorded a dramatic decrease in bullying as the clothes they wear are very standard.

Although uniforms are almost mandatory in many schools in the UK (82%); it is true that few schools in the United States have a compulsory uniform policy; however, either you love it or hate it, there have been an increase in dress codes and the regulation of what students wear. Dress codes, same as uniforms, include limitation in skin exposure; as a rule clothing with holes and any kind of exposure of underwear/underpants is prohibited.

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Considerations about School Uniforms Policies

  • Schools shouldn’t request uniforms to be bought from a specialist supplier: uniforms should be reasonably priced so everyone can afford them; they are a necessity!
  • Exclusive arrangement with any supplier should be banned.
  • Availability: they should be readily available by not demanding to be bought by a limited number of stores or adding special features on the uniform.
  • Uniforms should be reasonable for both genders.
  • Special consideration and tolerance in special cases should be taken into account; for example: headscarves in Muslims students.


Uniforms from Chain stores

The uniform market is one of the biggest and more competitive, especially weeks before commencing school; this is in fact when the price war begins between many major chain stores. In the UK for example, parents could easily dressed a child for around £15; this is not bad considering that years ago a big part of the budget used to go on uniforms and if you have two or three children, it could be a big burden on your finances. Schools demanding expensive uniforms should be confronted in an intelligent and reasonable way.


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