So you have finally finished your high school career and are now about to start your life as a college student.  Probably for the first time ever, you are going to be living far away from your parents and beginning a life of your own.  While this may be an exciting time for you, it may also be filled with a slew of other feelings that may be difficult to explain.  Whether you are having feelings of doubt, excitement, fear, anxiety, happiness, or dread, you need not worry; college will be the most amazing experience of your life.  Here are some tips and tricks you can follow in order to make your transition go a bit more smoothly as you finally begin the next chapter of your life.


Start Budgeting

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Whether or not this has been a habit of your past or not, it is something that you should begin taking care of now.  Budgeting may be a scary word for some of you out there, but in all honesty it is a lot more simplistic than you may be thinking. 

While you may be familiar and aware of the up-front costs that come with being a college student (such as tuition and books), there are many other side expenses that you may have not seen coming that can eat at your bank account if you don’t plan accordingly.

Simply keep a notebook stating all of your outgoing expenses for things such as extracurricular spending which includes your clothes, shopping, and nights out with your friends.  This will help make sure that you are not eating away at your finances faster than you had hoped for.



Realize that you are moving into a small space

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When you are first moving into the dorms, you need to remember that less is more.  When you are packing your vehicle with things to move into your new room, you need to remember that the space you are sharing with a roommate is going to be very finite and limited.  There are very little opportunities for storage spaces.  It is often the best idea to collaborate with your roommate before the initial move in and decide what items can and should be shared with each other so that you can avoid bringing doubles of the very bulky items such as tv’s and refrigerators.

Also, it is a very smart idea to bring along a few storage containers that you can efficiently place under your bed for a bit of extra storage and free space.


Cooperate with your roommate at all cost

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This rule should come as one of the top on the list.  You have to realize that you will be living in close proximity with your roommate for at least a semester.  If you get off to a bad start with this person close to the start of your relationship, you can be willing to bet that the semester is going to turn out to be a very long one. 

Especially if you have chosen a random roommate, it may be very difficult to try and find common ground in some cases.  Ready and willing to compromise should be your attitude going into the new roommate relationship because finding yourself in the midst of roommate troubles can be just another unnecessary stressor on top of the already stressful life that may already be coming from college.



Find your own ways to fight college stress

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^^^Dont expect to do this your first class.....You may snap yourself in two ^^^


Because there can be quite a few various things building up stress in your life when attending college, it is important that you find your own ways that you can counter act these feelings.  Exercise, friends, enough sleep, and various other activities can work magic when attempting to counter your hardships. 

Check around your campus for free classes such as yoga, abs class, cycling class, etc. that you can try out.  You will be surprised at how helpful even a simple yoga class can be at easing your mind and body when dealing with life’s stressors.  (don’t be intimidated by the yoga, just give it a try)



Fight the freshman 15

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The freshman 15 is something you may not hear about until you see it happening to some of your friends.  It is said that upon entering college that most people tend to put on around 15 pounds in their first year of attendance.  If you don’t believe me, just wait.  You will see it happening to a lot of the people around you. 

Because it is the first time away from home for many of the new freshman students, it is most likely that these people are becoming responsible for their own dietary choices for the first time.  Combining this with the buffet style options and the often greasy menu choices campuses tend to offer, the freshman 15 may sneak up on you a lot quicker than you may have previously thought. 

It can be a bit easier to track your caloric intake these days as many campuses will display their calorie numbers on the foods they serve.  You can also help counter the freshman 15 by keeping up the good old fashion exercise routine and physically active lifestyle that so many people tend to avoid.  Exercising will not only help relieve the stress, but it will also relieve the extra pounds. 



Make an attempt to find cheap text books

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College life can have many downsides to it when it comes to financial obligation.  Text books do not necessarily have to be one of them.  There are many ways in which you can save money on text books as they can be one of the top financial responsibilities outside of your average tuition costs. 

Many colleges may have the option of renting out text books.  While this may save you money, you should be careful with this option as you may want to reference some of the better books later in your life (believe it or not).  You can often find the same books required for your classes on Amazon for as little as a quarter of the price sometimes.  This is simple and can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

You may be able to get away with checking out some of the books at the campus library as well.  This does come with risk however as some of the books may not be there when you need them most.