Unfortunately, backache is a major problem for many of the people all around the world. A big problem with an ailment like back ache is that it's extremely common and we tend to ignore its seriousness & never care about visiting a physician in case the symptoms arise. However, chronic back-ache can seriously alter an individual's quality of life if it's left untreated for long.

The first thing to figure out while looking out for treatment is determining cause of the spinal pain. Possible causes of back-pain may include poor posture, an external injury, lack of exercise or some other serious issues such as obesity. Also, the hectic lives these days with monotonous desk jobs, especially in front of a computer make the conditions worse. We all try to deal with any common ailment ourselves before visiting a physician and following are some of the remedies that work :

Massaging is the easiest and perhaps the most effective remedy in frequent back-aches. It helps our muscles to relax and improve the blood flow to the muscles concerned. You'll see a lot of guides and handbooks available in the market that may teach you the proper massaging technique. Otherwise, visiting a professional at a spa isn't a bad idea.

The next possible alternative could be using medication, either external application or intake. The pain relievers such as aspirin or paracetamol could do the trick. Both of them have become common household drugs since they are available without a prescription. However, it's seen that these drugs do cause stomach irritation due to excessive secretion of gastric acid in some patients. In such cases, the physicians suggest using paracetamol as compared to aspirin.

Stress is also a possible cause of back pain. Soothing music being played at a low volume Also, when someone tries a physical activity, such as bowling in a cricket match after a long time or some activity that includes sudden twisting of the muscles, it could result in back-ache. Take proper rest and lie down maintaining a comfortable posture. Personally, my favorite posture is lying sideward with the knees bent slightly. A pillow may also be placed between the knees. However, lying on the stomach or on your back with the legs straight out are not recommended by majority of the physicians. Meditation is the best ways to combat stress. Doctors recommend the patients to repeatedly inhale & exhale deep breaths.

Applying heat or ice could also be relieving for some patients. Some patients find moist heat application such as a hot shower, wet towels, how water bottles etc. are much more effective than ice. The doctors suggest that the patients apply some ice cubes on the area for 10-15 minutes after every couple of years and try this medication for a couple of days. However, it is strongly recommended to wrap a piece of clothing between the ice & the skin to prevent frost bite. Similarly, limit the heat to 10-15 minutes & make sure you don't exceed the heat limit that may make you tired & drained out. 

The next step to try to combat the pain on your own would be to exercise the back muscles. It could cause some discomfort at the beginning but remember that not doing so will stiffen your muscles which could be hazardous in the long run. I believe the best exercise (and the finest remedy if none of the methods above work) is practicing yoga everyday along with meditation. Yoga has many health benefits if practiced regularly and it could help the patients in preventing back-ache whereas meditation helps in combatting the everyday stress.

Yoga has many asanas or postures focused on the back muscles such as the Marjariasana (cat pose), Bitilasana (cow pose), Talasana (palm tree pose), Parvatsana, Ushtrasana, Paschimottasana, Halasana ( plough pose) and many more. However, I believe the 'cat pose', 'cow pose' & the Talasana are equally effective when compared to others and could be practiced comfortably by people of all age groups and moderate body flexibility. 

Marjariasana : The cat pose

The cat pose is extremely simple and gives your neck and back a lovely stretch. Begin the cat pose by going on your fours and keeping your wrist, elbow and shoulders in one line. Next, focus on your lower body and keep your knee and hip in one line. Now inhale a deep breath for 2 seconds and exhale slowly. Repeat the procedure and give a smooth stretch to the back muscles.

 Tadasana : The Palm Tree Pose

The palm tree pose is another posture which is easy to practice. Stand erect and keep your feet shoulder width apart. Keep the spine and neck straight and slowly raise both the arms and heels & stand on the toes simultaneously while inhaling a deep breath for 2 seconds. Now keep up this posture for a few more seconds while exhaling slowly. Now walk a few steps on your toes both forward & backward with the arms and legs stretched to the largest limit. Return to the normal position rotating your arms backwards as slowly as possible, lowering your heels and exhaling simultaneously. Repeat this exercise and carry this out to avoid back pain and related ailments. It also helps in correcting your posture while standing.


Apart from this,when you visit a doctor,there are much more advanced methods such as the mechanical traction. In this method the patient lies on a table and rollers carry out rolling on the back muscles. This could be very relaxing and helps in improving circulation to the concerned area. The table also help correct alignment of the back very slowly. The improved blood circulation improves the body's tendency to heal itself. Another commonly used practice could be using injections to numb the pain. These epidural injections go directly into the epidural cavity and help in the healing.

So, a sufferer of back pain need not worry about the treatment since a lot of help is at hand. However, I suggest you to try the home remedies before visiting a physician.

Hope you loved the article. Awaiting your opinion..