Why would you want to get cheap background checks on yourself? You want do a background check review to make sure your information is accurate, and to find out if someone has stolen your identity. You want to make sure your background information is in order, because when you apply for a job, anything unfavorable in your record could jeopardize your pre employment background screening. Likewise, tenant screening services also check backgrounds of prospective renters, so if you are looking for a place to rent, you do not want any unfavorable information in your record, especially if it is not warranted.

Background check review services often get your information from public records that contain information such as phone numbers and residence addresses. They may also search criminal background records. But there is the risk that they may make false associations of your name with someone else's records. This could happen if you share your name with another person who happens to be in debt, and the collection agency sent the bill to you and others with the same name. But it could also happen as a result of willful identity theft. For these reasons, you would want to do a background check review on yourself to make sure all of your information is accurate, and to correct it if not.

So, how do you get cheap background checks on yourself?

1. You can check your credit history, social security number, and additional personal details from the three major credit reporting companies: Equifax, TransUnion and Experian, for a modest fee. Even better, you are entitled to a free credit report annually from these bureaus by federal law. You can get these by calling 1-877-322-8228, or applying online at www.annualcreditreport.com. Note that this is the only website that offers you the federally mandated free credit history check annually. Other websites purporting to offer you free credit reports usually come with strings attached, such as needing to sign up for some offers.

2. You can get information on government public records, as well as some court documentation (liens, real estate, criminal data, bankruptcies, judgments, titles and other records from ChoicePoint. You can get a annual free report from them at www.choicetrust.com. For a small fee, you can also get a pre employment background screening from them, and you can pay a bit more to get verification of education or prior employment.

3. Another company from which you can get similar information is LexisNexis. They keep records on social security numbers, birth dates, criminal background report data from selected courts, liens and histories of addresses. You can get some free information from them by going to www.lexisnexis.com, or you can call 1-877-913-6245. For a small fee, you can get a report from them that compiles information from private and public databases.

4. At ReputationDefender.com, you can sign up for a monthly service that will keep tabs on your information online on an ongoing basis. If there is any defamatory or otherwise negative information about you online, ReptutationDefender.com will assist you in suppressing or removing that information. This might be a worthwhile option if you are a public figure.

It is worth taking advantage of some of these free or cheap background checks to make sure that you are not unjustly penalized during an employment background screening, a rental background check, or in other aspects of your life.