Bubblews strategy

Bubblews is a new website that I have come across as of late that allows it's users to write short articles, messages, and postings of images to monetize their content and earn just like Infobarrel. This website has grown tremendously in popularity and search authority so a key way to get yourself some more Infobarrel article exposure is to use Bubblews to backlink. Let's find out more about what you can do.

Backlinking your articles

Backlinking has been tirelessly written about here on Infobarrel and on the internet, so if you need to know what it is there are countless resources that do a better job than I at explaining it. When I came across Bubblews I noticed that their search rank authority was very high and the potential for more article exposure here on Infobarrel was great if I used them as a backlinking resource. Since the more quality backlinks we get to our site the greater our article exposure and Google search ranking will become, thus we will see a greater influx of reads and income flowing our way. Bubblews is a high quality backlink and will be useful in giving you more exposure and making some extra money on the side from their own website, though in the long run Infobarrel will likely outpace the earnings you make there.

Quality traffic

I have been recently submitting to Bubblews by writing a short introduction to a topic and then interjecting my article as a link to get more information on that topic. Unlike the disaster I experienced with StumbleUpon, Bubblews has proven to be driving more high quality traffic to my articles and the exposure is wonderful. StumbleUpon provide immediate results in exposure, but the bounce rate was almost 95% meaning that almost nobody stayed longer than 10 seconds. While SEO experts are still unsure of how the bounce rate affects our rankings in search engines, I don't feel the risk is necessary so finding Bubblews and seeing higher quality traffic is a huge plus. Most of the people visiting my articles today from this site have been staying and reading the content instead of just bouncing right out like StumbleUpon, thus I'm making more money and getting more results from Bubblews

Additional benefits

Bubblews is proving to be a solid quick investment into a high quality backlink, but Bubblews is also proving to being a nice side income as well. Most of the money made on this site is through likes / dislikes, comments, and shares. While there is potential for some passive income here at Bubblews it's showing more likely that it's 75/25 active vs passive. Most of the money made from my postings over there are made right away and a small portion of money is made passively after the initial rush of views and likes. The great thing is this is a win/win for you as a writer because you get more exposure for your articles here at Infobarrel and get a great backlink, while at the same time you make another source of active and passive income at another site. It's very quick and easy to get your links over there, but I recommend you provide some good content there as well so it doesn't look like you are a spammer or someone that's just there for advertising.

Other options

I've found other options for article exposure throughout my stay here at Infobarrel so far, but I'm pleased to say that Bubblews has proven to be my top backlink site for exposure so far. Places like twitter and Redgage have given me some results but nothing like Bubblews, and it's not hard at all to get started and the extra money you get from them is just like icing on the cake and sweetens the deal. Give them a try today and see if you get similar results. Due to their popularity and ranking you can probably see a big leap in traffic and I hope that the administration for Bubblews continues to do a good job in refining the rules over there so it improves the quality of their site so they can stay near the top.