backlinks once is never enoughBacklinks to your websites, articles, blogs - one is never enough

Marketing your URL's online is not only time-consuming but confusing as a newbie to writing, blogging, or setting up a website online. Actually, any site you would like to promote, "get the word out," "market your wares," to increase traffic requires strategic backlink promotion.

The adage "if you build it, they will come" is not true on the Internet, as is well known.

At first, I thought once I had written an article and 'tweeted' it, I was all set. I thought, albeit, naively, "The world knows now that I have written a 'How to recipe for bubble and squeak.' They will be cooking it tonight in their kitchens all over the world." Well, hardly all over the world, maybe two or three who have some leftover corned beef and cabbage in the fridge.

No, this writer is hardly an expert, but as a writer online, most folks return the favor of colleagues writing on InfoBarrel or Examiner, so one has the opportunity to read many opinions of what truly is the best method for increasing traffic to your site, marketing your articles, search engine optimization, SEO, bookmarks, backlinks, and promotion. There was one article which read, 'to increase traffic, you must create a giant web, backlinking from one bookmark to the other,' which makes sense, but not to the Internet searcher, who wants information in an instant.

Realistically, you want to be at the top of the list with that searcher's info pronto. I found it impossibly time-consuming to think a potential reader would actually follow a link placed at SheToldme, which backlinked to Redgage, that backlinked to Xomba, and then on to Snipsly, and on and on until that person actually reached my article on Examiner or InfoBarrel. Who really has that kind of time to search for information?

I would rather think that the purpose of posting bookmarks backlinks for SEO in many different places, and using the original URL from your homebase at InfoBarrel or Examiner to post the bookmark, efficiently places your article or site you are marketing in many venues, which in turn points directly to that article, site or blog, whatever is the center of your intended Web, not to a bookmarking site and backlinks ad infinitum.

The secret to posting bookmarks is in the text that you use. All must be original and not a copy and paste of an introduction or middle paragraph of your article. Google doesn't like repetition. Actually no one does. Writing original text really isn't that difficult after you have spent time writing it the first time.

Facebook is a different kettle of fish. If you write generally about one subject, like history, travel, or knitting, join groups whose member interests are the same. Or create your own group. Facebook is loaded with groups whose members will have an instant interest in what you have written and are trying to market. Promote your site, increase traffic to your blog, or article to an eager, waiting audience, rather than post it to 500 friends, who have never even picked up a set of knitting needles, on your home Facebook page site . Why waste your time and theirs?

So these sites are where this writer posts to increase SEO potential for articles, increase traffic to websites, or market that widget you are trying to sell. Right or wrong, it seems to work. Twitter is not enough, but is the first thing to do, once a URL is created, an article is written, you must promote it for SEO, search engine optimization. Facebook interest specific groups. Bookmark sites for backlinks are great choices: Google bookmarks, Xomba, Snipsly, SheToldMe, StumbleUpon, DIGG for everything, and for recipes. And, you can score money at SheToldMe, Xomba, and Snipsly with a Google Adsense account. DIGG is still a mystery. There are many, many more sites for backlinks. But you must also post your URL to Yahoo, Bing, and Google search engines, which dogpile uses for its bot crawlers.

TIP: as a favor to your fellow writers, when commenting, use a combination of their keywords in your comment, instant additional SEO.