In order to make any money on the web, you have to promote your websites and articles. One of the best ways to do this is through article submission. The big G loves in-text backlinks and that is exactly what you’ll get when you submit to article directories. The problem with article submission is that it is a lot of work. You first have to write the article, or two or three, depending on how many directories you want to submit to. You will then need to visit the directory, log into your account and submit your article. Finally, you have to wait for your article to get approved. This is a long and drawn out process, especially if you want to submit to hundreds of directories.

The Solution

Backlinks Kingdom has taken the hard work out of article submission. With Backlinks Kingdom, you add your article, spin it and submit it. Your article will automatically be submitted to 15 directories – all for free. If you want more backlinks, you can upgrade to Knight or King. With a Knight account, you can submit 5 articles with 3 links each. That’s a total of 225 backlinks per day!! All directories are hosted on a unique C-Class IP address. All your backlinks will be high quality. You can upgrade for a one-time fee of $47. There are no monthly charges with Backlinks Kingdom.

SEO Made Simple


A really cool feature of Backlinks Kingdom is the integration of The Best Spinner and Doctor Spinner. Doctor Spinner is free to use and works great. I have never used The Best Spinner so I can’t comment on it but, if you have an account with The Best Spinner, you can use it in conjunction with Backlinks Kingdom. Doctor Spinner worked fine for me. You will need to read through the spun article to make sure they sound good and do not have any grammatical errors. This only takes a few minutes and will ensure that you are only posting quality content.

The New Google SEO


With a free Guard account, you will have access to a report of your submitted articles. You will only be able to see 7 out of the 15 articles. If you upgrade to a Knight account, you get to see where all of your articles are posted AND you get a RSS feed of your links. This makes indexing your backlinks really easy. If you have done backlinking for a while, you know how important it is to get your backlinks indexed.

I’ve only been using BK for a week but I can already see great potential. I think it will really help my articles increase in the serps which will lead to a gain traffic and income. Backlinks Kingdom is one of the best values when it comes to promoting your articles. Who else will give you 15 backlinks per day for free?