There is so much out there about backlinks and SEO that I just had to add to the chaos. A very brief explanation would be that backlinks are any incoming link to a webpage and SEO is how you set your page up so that the search engine spiders will be able to figure out what your page is about.

You might notice I'm using the word page instead of site, there is a reason that I am doing this. Each page on the internet has its own merits in the eyes of the search engines. Every page starts out the same and if you give more attention to one page of your site over another it will get more attention.

Normally all the pages on your site will link back to your home page and that is why most home pages end up with a higher Page Rank than any other page on your site. Your home page will then recycle the links out to the other pages by way of site wide links and in content links.

Chances are when you decide to try and get backlinks for your website or blog you will send them all to your home page using the name of your blog as the anchor text. All the Page Rank from your various backlinks will be added to your home page and will again filter through to all your other pages and by way of the home link go BACK to the main page once again.

Hopefully the name of your blog is something that people will search for since all your links will be coming in using those words, which is how the search engines will begin to think of your site. If you use a general name for your blog, such as "My Life, Times, and Legacy" and all your incoming links use that phrase that is what you are going to get ranked for in the search engines. If your site is new there probably will not be that many people searching for your site by name.

The title might be catchy and cute but it does not really say anything about your website, except that it is about you. A more tongue-in-cheek look at getting backlinks if this is too dry for you.

As great as I think you are I probably will not be all that interested in you if I'm searching for some term that your blog happened to get ranked for. I'll probably just skip to the next entry titled "How I Keep My Children in Line" 'cause you know those rugrats are sometimes pretty wild.

The other site also used their site title for their backlinks but their site title was a bit more SEO friendly and reader friendly so I was more inclined to visit it with my problem or question.

That pretty much sums up what I'm trying to say in this article about backlinks and SEO. Be clear about what your blog is about when you create your title that will help you, the search engines, and your visitors.