Creating Backlinks There Is So Much More To It Than That...

Many Internet writers talk about the value of making backlinks. I understand making backlinks is definitely important to lure traffic to our main blog or article but have you considered the URL/web address we create while we are making backlinks?

When I create an article here at Infobarrel and I hit publis, the article is given a URL/web address. I then go to another revenue sharing website like SheToldme. I would submit the article's URL/web address into the Scoop's URL field, create my scoop and then click publish the scoop becomes published and receives its own URL/web address. The scoop I created speaking about the article I wrote at Infobarrel gets a new URL/web address. I then take the created scoop URL/web address then maually submit it to the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing. Subitting extra URL/web addresses to the major search engines I feel can increase my chances for the scoop to get indexed to the search engines.

Creating backlinks is an excellent way to bring in traffic but have you ever taken the link that was created while you backlinked and promoted your original link?. I thought about it and I realized what a bonus making backlinks can be. I would take the URL/web address that was created and I'd place them on a couple of my websites and blogs instead of only using the articles original URL/web address.

Here's another way of putting it. I create an article or a blog and when published I'm given a new URL/web address to the created article or blog. I would then go to addblogurl (as an example), submit my article's URL/ web address into the field, create a story then publish that story. Addblogurl calls their articles stories. When the story is published I receive a new original URL/web address. I would then use that new and original URL/web address at another revenue sharing website, create an blog or an article and another URL/web address is then created. The cycle can go on and on. You don't have to stop after the first time you create backlinks. Submitting all of your newly created URL/web addresses to search engines can only help. I feel it can only help in the long run.

I put together an example to help you understand how the cycle continues to grow and doesn't stop until you want it to stop. Just fun and interesting and thought many people would find it entertaining.

I create an article here at Inforbarrel, publish and receive a URL.
I take the Infobarrel URL, go to shetoldme, create scoop, publish and receive a new URL.
I take the Scoop URL, go to addblogurl, create story, publish and receive a new URL.
I take the addblogurl URL, go to Snipsly, create post, publish and receive a new URL.
I take the Snipsly URL, go to Xomba, create an article, publish and receive a new URL.
I take the Xomba URL, go to Hubpages, create a Hub, publish and receive a new URL.
I take the Hub URL, go to Redgage, create blog, publish and receive a new URL.

Can you see what developes when you start making backlinks? You can actually go into a circle of promoting all new and original URL/web addresses. The cycle can go on for a long time. I just found amuzing and entertaining so I thought I would write an article about it.

One more thing and this has happen to me a couple of times, if you go to write a new article or scoop and the website tells you the URL/web address is already in use you can simply use one of the other backlinks you created. It does happen occasionally. Have a great day everyone.

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