I'll tell you right now I hate to get backlinks. I wish Al Gore would reinvent the internet so that it is not a link based entity, but guess what? He ain't listening to me. What I like about the internet is that it is quiet and nobody bothers me unless I ask for it.

I do not want to make friends, I do not want to influence people, I just want to write and surf quietly and anonymously. I want to read what I want to read and learn what I want to learn and maybe, just maybe make a few bucks in the process.

I'm the kind of person that after the serial killer is caught and they find all the body parts neatly displayed in the kitchen, they all say she was such a nice girl, so quiet and kept to herself. I'm lucky that most serial killers are men or I'd probably be on a watch list somewhere, heck maybe I am and no one has bothered to tell me.

Now that I'm sure everyone reading this is either calling the FBI or clicking the back button rapidly I shall continue with my story.

In my exploration of the internet I have discovered a few disturbing facts, they are known as links for SERPS and social sites. To be quite blunt they both give me a crawling feeling on my skin, and not a good crawling feeling either, a bad one.

As an anti-social blogger I have had to adjust my outlook on life to include those other people that exist on this planet. But then I decided, why should I? Just because some rich dude in a suit decided that I had to be POPULAR and friendly and s… soc….social. I've never listened to those guys before and I sure am not going to start now.

Isn't it enough for these people that I have to call my mother once a week and ask my husband how his day was? I thought I was doing my duty as a citizen but apparently I need to do more. I've never committed a crime, or hurt a child; must I be punished for my very nature which is to be isolated and alone?

Shoot I'm running long on words I'd better cut to the chase and stop being dramatic for a bit, I'll go back to my drama after the next section.

Places to Find Backlinks Which Do Not Include Being Social

Nice subheading huh? I am not going to mention Info Barrel which is my current favorite so we'll just skip to other places.

Hub Pages is nice once you get your author score past 75 and your hub score over 50. The backlinks are no follow until then.

SheToldMe is a new place, I wrote a Barrel about it. My She Told Me Barrel has a few tidbits of information in it.

Squidoo I normally use AFTER the above, they always complain that I do not put more than text into my lenses. This is a personal preference thing, I have nothing against them other than that.

I am interested in getting information on Qondio so if you have any I'd be interested in..Ta...Talk...leave a message.

This is getting kind of long so thanks for reading my Get Backlinks for Anti-Social Bloggers Story, just don't leave comments or send messages, except about Qondio, or I could me traumatized for life.

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