Summer is just around the corner! Are you planning a day at the beach, a short picnic or a trek? Have you decided on all the stuff you need to carry around and what to carry them in? If you are still in the process of deciding, there are exciting new things that you can use to carry your travel equipment. Wondering what they are? Well, they're backpack chairs!

Backpack chairs are dual purpose chairs. You can use them as chairs and also fold them into a backpack and pack things in them when you go outdoors. In a backpack chair, you can pack your stuff in a storage compartment below the seat or in the back of the chair. You don't have to unpack the stuff unless you need it, not even when you are using the chair for sitting. These storage compartments are relatively smaller as compared to the usual backpacks. Therefore, these chairs are most suitable for short picnics and outdoor trips.

Backpack chairs are designed to balance the load you carry. Also, some have special compartments to keep your food hot or cool. You can thus use them to store your perishable items, cool drinks and even ice creams on your one day picnics.

Some backpack chairs even help you keep your environment clean. They come equipped with a separate compartment which you can use to store trash separate from your other picnic articles. That way, you don't have to throw your trash at the picnic spot and make it dirty! Most backpack chairs also have cup holders that can be easily used to store your juices, coffee, or tea cups.

These chairs are easy to carry around as they can be carried as a backpack, and thus leave your hands free to carry some other stuff. You can also pack your stuff in their backpack compartments. These chairs come in various sizes, so you can check out and choose the one that you can easily carry. They are comfortable to carry on your back as well as to sit in and relax.

Backpack chairs are made of light weight material and so they are lighter and easy to manage. They also occupy less space, so you can easily dump them into your car boot or stow them behind your car back seat.

They are most suitable to take with you when you go on a treks or a picnic for you to enjoy comfortably sitting and relaxing in them. And when you are packing your stuff, just fold them up, put all your stuff into the backpack chairs, put them on your back and lo and behold, you are ready to leave.

So go right now and get a suitable backpack chair before you go on your next outdoor picnic, trekking or for a day at the beach!