Backpackers interestcanaded in journeying to Sweden will discover a remarkable country that welcomes visitors with historic sites, lush countryside and crystal clear waterways. Budget limited travelers will find a variety of hostels that provide affordable accommodations from simple backpacker specific hostels to lodgings that have been created in lavish castles and past monasteries.

Sweden is an expensive place to visit, and even backpackers should budget around $100 for each day. However, unlike other European destinations, this country isn’t filled with tourists. Additionally, backpackers shouldn’t have too much trouble communicating in the country as most residents speak excellent English. The follow travel guide should help you pick the best destination for a Swedish back packing adventure.

Stockholm Sweden


Backpackers will discover that the famous city of Stockholm offers travelers more hostels than any other city located in Sweden. In fact, vacationers will find more than 300 options to choose from all over the country. Furthermore, it is the headquarters for Sweden’s youth and family hostel network.

In some areas, hostels are available with a small kitchen and several provide breakfast for their guests. Visitors should consider reviewing the hostel’s fee policy before arrival as some places charge for extra’s such as towels and sheets. Also, guests are generally required to clean their room at the end of their stay.

Stockholm is located over 14 islands with water all around, so backpackers who decide to stay in this unique city will have the chance to explore the vast number of remarkable sites that this great destination has to offer. The area of Gamla Stan, which features charming alleyways, exciting shops and cozy cafes, is a memorable place to visit.

Backpackers should look into acquiring a Stockholm card once they arrive to gain discounted entrance into exhibitions along with other exciting activities around the city. Furthermore, guests to the city will have access to free events such as concerts that are held in local parks.

History buffs will find plenty of Viking history within the country and travelers may even find themselves wandering through the countryside to find an ancient king’s burial plot. Adventure seekers will have views of ship-shaped headstones while rune stones are scattered around the country with markings that boldly state the historical equal to “Sven was here.”

Backpackers will appreciate the incredible green countryside, dense forests and picturesque cottages constructed in the midst of isolated islands. Also, crystal clear water is a common feature across the country.


Backpackers won’t want to bypass Sweden’s second largest city. It is an easy destination for guests to tour and offers travelers a view of the country’s culture. Highlights of the city include the Röhsska Museum, Liseberg Amusement Park and the Haga/Linnéstanden area.

In recent years, Sweden has experienced an influx of immigration, which has brought variety to the country with new urban centers in Göteborg along with flash clubs and contemporary restaurants.


If backpackers have the opportunity to visit the city of Uppsala, then they should take time to see the cathedral and the castle. For backpackers with a hostel accommodation in Stockholm, the city of Uppsala is less than an hour’s journey by train.

Southeastern Coast

This area of Sweden features amazing seascapes, unique islands and interesting history. The town of Kalmar is located in this area. Moreover, the Kalmar Castle and the cathedral are unforgettable sites to visit in this part of the country.


This island has a lengthy history as a center for trading. Guests can reach the island by ferry from Nyänshamn. The island is filled with sunshine, tranquil countryside and, of course, history.

Backpackers who book their vacation to Sweden will be planning an unforgettable trip. The thousands of historical fortresses still visible along with the vast number of Viking artifacts will awe visitors who arrive in this well-preserved country. Furthermore, utilizing this affordable type of travel will allow vacationers with a limited budget to experience faraway destinations.