Backpacking around the world is one of the most economical ways to explore the world. All that you have read in geography books and watched on Discovery Channel, can be experienced first hand and the cost would not pinch a hole in your pocket. You get exposed to new climates, new environment, new cultures and new terrains, which no book or video can ever cover. The cost saving also comes from the fact that you would only be camping and not spending any money on hotel stay. Even traveling within a particular country could be done by rail, bus or even hitch hiking all aimed to save money yet have fun and see places. But backpacking around the world needs a lot of planning. Remember you are far away from home and may not get even the most common daily use item in a foreign country. Here are some tips to help you on this economical trip around the world:

  • Plan every detail of the road map, airlines availability and country-wise route chart before you move out of the house.
  • Make a budget of the number of days you are going to remain in a city or a country. Do not be flexible here as it may completely upset your travel plans.
  • Study the weather conditions of every country you plan to visit. Be prepared accordingly.
  • Use travel guides to plan out your journey – including the amount of money that you might need, where to eat, where to lodge for the night, etc.
  • One of he very complicated things while planning for backpacking around the world is how to travel light yet carry all the essential things you would need. Carry lightweight clothing which can be washed and dried quickly. According to experienced backpackers you would only need three sets of clothes, no matter how long you are going to travel. A fleece jacket, boots, sandals and tennis shoes and some type of head covering are bare necessary items of clothes and accessories you need. A head covering for women if traveling to the Middle East is a must.
  • Other important things needed include a sleeping bag, first aid kit, plastic plate, bowl, fork and spoon and two towels. It is also important to pack a water bottle and water purification kit.
  • Plan the timings of airplanes, trains and buses early on. An international travel agent could also help you with these things.

In summary, there is nothing as thrilling as backpacking around the world provided you are well prepared and have planned every detail as minutely as possible.