When you’re going on a backpacking holiday, the world is wide open for your exploration and discovery. You aren’t tied down to a single location, you are able to have a more undiscovered and authentic experience, and you might even be able to save a little money. You can cure that thirst for adventure by taking off on a backpacking holiday to any number of places around the world. Whether you are backpacking through cities and towns in Europe or through wilderness, making sure that you are organized and in control will allow you to have an exciting and fulfilling holiday!


Where? When? How Long?

Uncertainty is the key to backpacking. You can discover and explore new areas of the world that you never imagined existed! There are a few considerations to think about before setting of on your next backpacking adventure. The first is location. Where would you like to venture off to? What is the one place you would like to go before you die? Would you like to backpack through cities, or wilderness? Would you like to travel to another country, or stay relatively close to home? Even though it is important to keep your location and itinerary flexible, it is still quite important to have a rough idea of what your plans are. After location, figuring out the time of year and length of stay are your next steps in organizing your backpacking holiday.



Once you have a rough estimate of where you would like to visit, you must do a little bit of research. Think about the purpose of your trip—are you visiting to learn a language, to improve your wilderness skills, to volunteer, or just because you have dreamed of doing it your whole life? Once you have thought about your location, time of year, general length, and purposes, researching necessities such as transportation becomes the next important thing. Do you need to fly to this location? Will it be easy to get from the airport to the destination by public transportation, or do you need a rental car? Do you need to stay in hotels at certain points along the journey? Are there any medical requirements before you enter into a foreign country that might be necessary? Most of the money backpackers spend on trips is on transportation and accommodation, so these are important factors to pay attention to.


Your Interests

If you have certain interests, such as photography, kayaking, or cooking, feel free to pair these interests up with your travel plans. For example, if you are interested in photography, there are a good number of Alaskan backpacking trips to places like Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and the Gates of the Arctic National Park that not only are suitable for photographers, but have specific tours to enrich your experience! Have you ever wanted to spend a week photographing polar bears? Now is your chance!


Backpacking holidays offer once in a lifetime experiences for those who wish to try something a little different, a little more daring for their travels. Making sure to stay flexible, while at the same time researching and organizing the important details, will allow your backpacking trip to be the most satisfying and rewarding holiday you can have!