Backpacking is a terrific way to go out and discover a portion of the planet that's generally unchanged by humanity.  Hiking throughout the European countries can be quite an enjoyable way of spending your vacation, and it is an exciting and fun way to travel. Camping provides backpackers the chance to spend the night in locations far away from society and from the noisy hotels and crowded cities. 

  Planning a trip to another country for your backpacking vacation could be a really amazing experience.  Traveling around the globe provides you with the chance to meet folks coming from all walks of life.  A camping trip to a far away place may be one of the most satisfying and rewarding vacations you could have in your lifetime, and one of the best vacation destinations to backpacking in is Europe. Even though some countries in Europe might not have the beaches, palm trees and other activities that other vacation destinations have, it can still be exciting to go backpacking there because what it lacks in beach parties it more than makes up for in excitement and adventure.

Mount Titlis in SwitzerlandCredit: dfpoon

  Hiking throughout the European countries can be a fantastic experience, or it can be a horrible one for those who don't choose the right places, or decide to go during peak vacation times. If you're going to take a backpacking journey to the European countries, then stick to the eastern European countries.  If you want to avoid the vacation crowd then travel to Europe while in the off-season, such as early springtime.

  If you are traveling to Europe for the very first time, or maybe you a little nervous about backpacking in a foreign country, then relax because it’s very easy, enjoyable, and the ultimate way to travel and explore your vacation destination.  Keep in mind that Europe is very large and unless you have been backpacking for a long time, there's no reason to assume that you will visit all the backpacking destinations in a single month or even a year.  Europe could be the greatest place to go for folks seeking to perform some adventurous backpacking.

  Traveling can be very costly especially if you are going overseas to Europe. Specific locations around the world will cost more, so choose your backpacking locations very carefully. Learning how to backpack in the areas that you will be traveling to, and researching what you will need to take with you before you begin traveling all over the world to your vacation destination will help you with cutting costs while you are on your journey.  

  Backpacking in foreign countries camping is better if done in groups, for reasons of safety and security.  Be sure somebody in your group knows the language in the place that you will be visiting.

  In case you decide to go solo be sure you tell somebody where you are going and when you should be back, you should also plan ahead and map out your daily hiking, camping and hunting routes and provide a map of those routes to a friend or family member in the event of an unexpected emergency.

  Backpacking is a terrific way to get out and discover a part of this great big world, and give you memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life.