How to get started!

Norway is a beautiful country and definitely worth visiting. But there's one disadvantage for a lot of you travellers out there: Being on a tight budget. Luckily, there's a way to see this beautiful country without spending a lot of money: Backpacking. 

Of course you'll need some good planning if you want to go backpacking, so here are some tips & tricks to get you started:

1. The first thing you need to do, is paying your local travel agency a visit. Just get some brochures with general information about the country. Next, find out what a flight will cost you.

2. Once you have read some information about the country and are certain you want to go there, you should try to focus on finding one place in particular you would like to go see. For instance: Would you like to go hiking in the mountains? Maybe you should go to the Hardangervidda area. Or if you would like to see the so called 'Fjords', you would be aiming at the western part of the country.

3. When you have decided where you want to go, start thinking about the equipment you'll need. A proper backpack is one of the most important things to buy, so DO NOT go for a cheap one, as it will cost you your back. Other important things to bring are:

  • Proper walking boots
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat (for isolation, as it can get quite cold at night!!)
  • Jacket (waterproof!)
  • Rain pants
  • Thermal underwear
  • Thin gloves
  • Underwear (not too much)
  • Something to protect your head from the sun
  • Towels
  • Maps, compass, alitmeter (optional) for navisgation
  • Insect repelant
  • Sunscreen
  • Photo camera (always nice to show people at home what you've been up to)
  • Stove an cooking gear (there probably won't be restaurants at every corner..)
  • Water bottle (2L) 
  • Of course there is a lot more you can bring, but try to keep it to a minimum: Don't take anything you're not going to use!

4) Before you set off into the wild, try to train yourself. Practice is everything! You could, for example, plan small hiking trips near your hometown to feel what it's like to go hiking for a longer period. If you go on a trip like this without preparation, it won't last very long! 

5) Pack your bag efficiently: If you pack your bag the right way, you'll have some spare room for bringing things like extra food. Also, try not to put all your heavy equipment at the top of the bag: your hips should carry most of the weight!

6) Last but perhaps most important: Have fun and come back with a lot of great memories! The world we live in is a beautiful place, and we should all enjoy it!

Jotunheimen Area - Norway