Do you want to change your garden decor around? If you are tired of the same old garden pot here or there and need to breathe some life into your garden space then create a fun atmosphere you will love to visit every single day.

Your garden can be an exciting and creative spot to visit after using a few tips to make it pop. So get cracking and start improving it little by little.

Gardeners must work in the garden every once in a while to keep it in tip top shape. If you do not, you know the weeds will start to creep up and can quickly take over.

In the end, it is just easier to work in the garden every day and keep things under control.

Here are some fun ideas that will get you hyped up to visit your garden more than just once a week.

Once you set up a garden theme you and your friends and family just might enjoy hanging around in the garden more often and you can sit back with your iced tea and admire what you have created.

How to set up a theme in the garden

It is simple to set up a garden theme. You can think about it as being on the same level of working on your decor indoors! You pick something that you really like.. such as hearts and then run with it.

That is really all a theme is. Just remember that you are working outside so if you purchase something like a wall ornament or whatever it might be, it has to be able to withstand rain and cold weather and such. Otherwise you will have a soggy mess after it rains.

First, you need to figure out what you want to see in your garden. Do you love frogs? Do you love the colors red, white and blue, maybe a patriotic garden?

Here are a few fun decor ideas to get your mind racing away at all the possibilities!

A garden by the beach theme

Yes, you can have a beach themed garden too. If you enjoy good times by the surf and pushing your feet through the sand then you can really have fun with this theme idea.

There are many ways to create a seaside garden. You could start by either purchasing a large shell planter or two or you could also make your own easily.

Get some shells and a hot glue gun ready as well as a garden planter. Start by grabbing your garden pot and gluing your shells one by one to the rim of the pot. Then move on to the next row. You can use all kinds of shells and the more you use, the cuter the pot will be.

You can even get the kids to help you out. Just watch out with the hot glue. You could also glue a single shell to a planter and this will look equally striking.

You could also try putting your initials on the pot with some very tiny seashells. It might look cute and will instantly give an old pot a pretty makeover.

Another idea for the beach theme is to make some seashell ornaments for outside. Grab your seashells and some stainless steel wire from a hobby store or online, next use your hot glue gun to glue the wire to the back of your seashells.

Use a pencil to twirl around the wire to make pretty tendrils. Bend the wire so it can hang from one of your garden pots.

It is time for tea

A tea party theme would be a fun way to give your garden some charm. You could easily achieve this by getting a teapot planter and a teacup planter and placing them on a patio table. Not only will they look adorable sitting next to each other but they are easy centerpieces and you can plant something pretty in the pot for added attention.

Arrange some plates (you can pick some matching ones up at thrift shops or garage sales) on the table as well and place something cute on them. Take this opportunity to get some small planters such as terracotta planters and plant some miniature cacti or succulents inside them.

The whole "tea table setting" will look smashing in your garden and you can always change it around easily if you want something different.