If your backyard is lacking something and this is an area where you do not spend much time; there are many landscaping ideas that can help you to change this. The right landscaping can make you want to be in your backyard and you may rediscover this area of your home. Even if you do not have much space to work with there are many ideas that will suit you perfectly.

You may want to start by taking a closer look at your backyard and begin imagining landscaping ideas. There may be an area that needs some special attention and this can be a great place to start. Rocks and boulders are a great landscaping tool that can easily turn a backyard into a more attractive space.

When you are using rocks and boulders in your backyard you will have control of the placement of these items. You may want to create a stone walkway with larger stones and this can not only jazz up this space but you will have less to mow in the warmer months and this can be a great advantage.

A fountain is a small piece that can have a very dramatic effect and this is why fountains are one of the landscaping ideas that are most sought after. You can buy a fountain in almost any size and this will help you to find one that is perfect for your backyard.

A fountain not only adds a visual element, but the right fountain will create the sound of flowing water and this can be make you feel very calm and you may long for the time that you spend in this space. The sound of water can make your backyard feel like an oasis no matter where you live.

A wall fountain is one of the great landscaping ideas and you do not need a large space to make this type of fountain work. You can set up this fountain in a very small space and get all of the benefits of a much larger fountain. Wall fountains are still new and exciting and this can create a wonderful conversation piece.

There are many other simple landscaping ideas out there for your backyard and choosing the right one may be the most difficult task. You want to find something that is going to make this are personal and attractive and you may find that you begin to spend more and more time in this space that you have created.