Backyard patio design ideas are plentiful and abundant and highly specific to the tastes of the individual. Some people like their backyard patios to be designed for functionality, some want the most beautiful garden oasis you could imagine, other patio design plan center around leisure or relaxation. Whatever backyard patio designs you value the most you should take the time to research a number of design ideas to completely exhaust your options. Once you have a large array of design plans available you can pick and choose exactly what you want.

How To Design A Backyard Patio

Backyard Patio Design IdeasThe first step in designing a backyard patio is to identify the goal of this space. Do you want your patio to be an extension of your living space? Do you want to design a patio space which is a sanctuary from the chaos inside the house? Do you need a design plan that focuses on maintaining the highest levels of functionality from your backyard? For instance if your backyard patio needs to be appropriate for grilling and hosting parties then you will need lots of open space. Conversely, if you want to design a backyard patio that is like a vacation, separating you from your responsibilities you may want less open space and more tropical vertical garden type features.



Once you decide on the purpose and goal for your patio then you can move onto the layout and putting your patio design ideas down on paper. In designing a patio layout you may find that drawing pictures of your yard and patio to scale may help in drafting the basic layout. Once you select a design plan for your patio you can then begin selecting plants, garden features, and patio furniture to finish your desired look and feel.



Depending on the goal for your backyard patio you may need to plan to install landscaping elements first to create the framework for a deliberate backyard setting. Installing retaining walls, curbing, rock formations, and doing grading may be necessary before all foliage gets planted. Only when the framework for your plants are designed should you then begin planting and placing patio furniture.



Backyard Patio Design Ideas

Some basic patio design ideas you may want to consider for a simple everyday setting often include basic landscaping around the patio to allow for raised flower beds and built in seating. Limiting yourself to a simple layout around an existing patio can simplify the process. Try installing a raised flower bed behind a retaining wall which lines the edges of your patio and you'll end up having a well defined patio space which can enclose basic patio furniture and grilling equipment. This is perfect for parties and entertaining and can feel like a nice extension of your living area.



If you want to get more exotic in your backyard patio design then you may want to consider installing a stepping stone style patio surrounded by tall foliage for privacy and cover as well as sporadic garden beds throughout your area. Choosing small antique patio furniture and placing it in your country style patio and garden area can make your space feel more private and possible more like you are at a vacation spot. Patio plans revolving around this type of theme are often a little less likely to attract a lot of foot traffic but you can easily adapt your backyard landscaping to work for intimate private relaxation as well as entertaining others.



There is no right way to implement backyard patio designs. You just have to focus on identifying a theme and goal before you start your work. Take the time to layout your patio design plan on paper and then put that plan into action by heading down to your local home and garden store for professional advice on plant selection, irrigation, and maintenance.