Over the last few months, Infobarrel has listed many wonderful foods that would probably raise your cholesterol by a few dozen points. Between the Poutine 2.0, the Bacon Cheese roll amongst others, at least a few of us are a little closer to have one foot in the grave.

Today, I will take your cholesterol to new levels, today I will introduce the revolutionary Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger.

The Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger takes one meat pizza with all the meaty fixings, then on top of it adds a giant beef patty stuffed with bacon and cheese weighing in at three pounds. We then take bacon, Colby cheese and Pepper Jack Cheese and smother them on top of the giant beef patty. No burger would be complete without a top bun, so we take a second meat pizza and place that on top of this miracle of the ultimate burger.

This meal is intended to be shared with a tight knit group of friends after a nice afternoon of coffin shopping.

Here are the pictures!

Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger Ingrediants

Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger Blueprint

Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger Ingrediants Pic

Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger

Inside the Bacon Cheese Pizza Burger