How to Make a Bacon Cheese Roll

I searched high and low for the ultimate breakfast food and I believe I've finally found it. Eating this recipe more than once in your life may result in an instant heart attack. For some reason though I'm extremely tempted just to see what this bad boy would taste like.


12 Pieces of Bacon
Lots of Cheese (Cheddar + Mozza Mix is preferred)


Instead of listing the exact instructions on how to make a Bacon Cheese Roll, I've included a step by step photo set. Since this recipe is so easy to follow, all you need is pictures (and maybe a quadruple bypass!)

Bacon Cheese Roll Recipe Instructions

Additional Tips:

For additional unhealthy goodness smother in syrup if you not only want your heart explode but also to risk the chances of type 2 diabetes.

If you still are not 100% sold on eating a bacon cheese roll, why not dip it in a little Baconnaise? What is baconaise you ask? A lovely medley of rich, creamy mayonnaise infused with real bacon flavor. Yum Yum!