It is a myth that bacterial vaginosis can affect women who are sexually active only. Unfortunately, bacterial vaginosis is a problem that may affect any woman of any age and any behaviour all over the world. Unfortunately, it has been observed that BV affects as many as twenty percent pregnant women as well.

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Vaginal Infection can be a cause of major concern for many women.Knowing more about the BV Signs, Symptoms and Treatments helps in getting effectice relief in timely manner.

As the name itself implies, Bacterial Vaginosis is an infection caused in the vagina due to unbalance of bacteria. There are two types of bacteria present in a woman’s vagina: good (known as lactobacilli) and the bad ones. When the bad ones overgrow the good ones, it leads to a medical condition called Bacterial Vaginosis that shows various signs and symptoms like pain while having sex, vaginal discharge, odor in discharge and excessive burning sensation in the vagina.

The reasons for such an imbalance of bacteria are many. It may be because of poor intake of diet, poor immunity of the body, diseases like cancer, HIV, diabetes, treatments like chemotherapy, excessive intake of antibiotics, having sex with more than one partner etc. One of the most surprising factors that lead to BV is use of contraceptive methods as intrauterine device also known as IUD.

IUD is inserted in the female reproductive tract and when this intrauterine device gets a bacteria along, it leads to bacterial infection in the woman’s body. That is the reason why women who get IUD inserted in their bodies often complain of BV.

But this does not mean that one cannot use IUD as a contraceptive method. Instead, if you have IUD in body and facing BV, get it removed by your doctor to see if some relief pertains. Though no medical science can prove that IUD is not safe or it may cause BV, yet the women who get it inserted seem to become vulnerable to the infection more as compared to their counterparts.

Other ways of preventing BV reoccurrence is avoiding more than one sex partners. Other than that, don’t use scented soaps in your vagina, avoid douching and even bath perfumes. Good bacteria are often killed because of washing vagina frequently and hence bad bacteria growth becomes easy. Just wash your vagina with plain water once a day and you would be free of BV for sure.

If your infection increases because of IUD, go for antibiotics that your doctor may ask you to take. However, remember that this may lead to side effects like nausea and headaches. Also, your BV may reoccur after a small duration of time as well. Thus, you may also opt for natural ways to cure BV. These are not only free of side effects of all kinds but also ensure faster and permanent solutions. That is the reason why you will find many women these days opting for natural cures like using tea tree oil or yoghurt etc. One may find many natural cures on internet. If you like, you may also consult with your doctor about the natural substances and enjoy a healthy living.

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