If you are like the millions of other people with bad acne, you have tried endless methods of getting rid of perpetual blemishes and the scars they've left behind.  Although it may seem like you have it worse than anybody else, you are not alone.  Acne affects a significant portion of the human race, and it is for this reason that so much emphasis is placed on finding reliable treatments that are as effective as they are affordable.  The good news for all the people suffering from acne is that there is a means to an end of the life long battle.  Whether your ideal method consists of medication, creams, or more advanced procedures like laser treatment; there is an affordable solution available that will help you finally be acne free.

Acne is caused by large sebaceous glands underneath the skin pocketing oil, and giving it no where else to go but out.  Due to this physiological occurrence, acne comes in the form of pimples, black heads, white heads, and sometimes even large and unsightly boils on the skin.  Many people with bad acne have a habit of popping these 'zits,' in an attempt to remove them and their grossness from their face. In an attempt to be rid of the excessive blemishes, however, it's only made worse.  The effect of acne worsens as you squeeze portions of your face, because the sebaceous glands and the oil contained inside of them are being spread around.  Instead of having gotten rid of the pimple you had set out to destroy, you have created a scar and probably a whole new conglomeration of blemishes.

Understanding what causes acne will help you to understand why vigorously scrubbing your face all day long with soap doesn't do any good.  You are trying to wash away something that is not affecting you.  While it's true that dirt and oil accumulated on the outside may have an effect on the severity of your acne, it certainly is not the cause.  To get to the root of the problem, you have to attack it from where it starts.  The most effective treatments for severe acne are made with this in mind.  The successful, long-term annihilation of acne takes more than soap to the skin.  The problem is much deeper, and it must be attacked where it begins.

There are many reliable treatments available to combat bad acne and the social struggle it causes a life.  In addition to topical creams, there are medications, and cleansers.  Most creams and cleansers that are sold over the counter are for moderate acne, and do not provide any assistance to more severe cases.  In addition to pills, creams and cleansers; there are other options available.  Acne laser treatment is becoming more available, and it is significantly less abrasive than more traditional skin smoothing methods, like dermabrasion.

If you are tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin, you need to find an acne treatment that will help you find your way out of hiding.  There is a wealth of information online for people suffering from bad acne that can help you finally win the war.