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Bad Breath: Using Salt as Toothpaste

Bad breath is normal and at the same time it is not. It can be a killer if you were moving in for the killer kiss. Well, you might end up killing someone if you have bad breath. How many mouthwashes have you tried just to keep bad breath at bay? You might have even developed and allergy to mouthwashes because of the alcohol content and because of your obsession with bad breath. If you are among the unfortunate, you might also have problems with using normal fluoride toothpaste.

As stated previously it is normal to have bad breath in the morning when you just wake up. There is also a difference between bad breath and a really bad breath. Some people's bad breath can really be disgusting and can be off putting.

Sensitivity to toothpaste and bad breath

If you have bad breath and have indulged in vigorous brushing several times a day using a lot of fluoride toothpaste, you might develop sensitivity to commercial toothpaste. The sad thing is that using too much toothpaste until you start foaming doesn't mean you will not have bad breath. You will have good breath just after brushing but your bad breath will immediately come back. Sensitivity to toothpaste can make it painful when drinking orange or lemon juice. It might even create blisters on your gums and increase bad breath.

Bad breath and learning how to brush your teeth

Another problem with having bad breath is not knowing how to properly brush your teeth. Your tooth brush should neither be too strong nor too soft. After brushing, you should feel the smoothness by passing your tongue on teeth. If you don't feel the smoothness, you are not properly brushing your teeth and bad breath will likely continue. The source of most bad breath is the tongue. That is where you need to pay special attention. You should open your mouth and brush outwards several times. If you are not used to brushing your tongue regularly, it might bleed a little but that is nothing to worry about. Your tongue and gums will stop bleeding once you get used to properly brushing your teeth. If you really want to avoid bad breath, it is worth taking the time to learn how to brush your teeth.

Bad breath and using salt as toothpaste

This cheap alternative to using toothpaste is quite effective in preventing bad breath. So how do you use salt as toothpaste? You put a pinch of salt into a cup and add water. It should be salty enough to be a little disgusting. Instead of gaggling the salty water, you sip a little and brush your teeth and tongue as recommended above. You need to really pay attention to your tongue if you want to avoid bad breath. The tongue should be brushed repeatedly and rinse away with the salt solution you are using as an alternative to toothpaste.

Bad breath and medical conditions

If you have underlying medical condition that causes your bad breath problem, the salty solution might alleviate the bad breath caused by your tongue and improper brushing of your teeth. On the other hand, you might need to consult your doctor for more help. You will also notice that your sensitivity to orange or citric drinks will disappear.