There are few different reasons why you may have bad breath. The problem is that you often do not know that you have it until someone tells you, and it is a hard thing to tell someone. You could be walking around all day with offensive breath and not know it. If you feel that your breath is not all that it could be, there are a variety of bad breath remedies that you can try, but be aware that sometimes these are not the answer. Sometimes, you may actually need to see a doctor or a dentist to determine if something more serious might be going on. Start with the simple things though, and then go from there.

There are some great bad breath remedies on the market that you can get easily and cheaply. There are new gums on the market that can help mask bad breath when it is just from something you ate or drank. These sticks of gum can last for hours and hours and they still have a good flavor. Though these are not good for chronic bad breath, they do help keep the mouth wet, which can negate some cases of bad breath that come from going too long without a drink, or from eating foods known to cause bad breath. These are around a dollar a pack, so if they work, stock up and problems solved.

If this does not work for you, you may have to think more carefully about the foods that you eat before you go out or before you go to work. Coffee is notorious for causing bad breath, and if you smoke, your breath could knock someone out. If either of these things is a habit for you, simply brushing your teeth can help, but it is hard to brush all day long for bad breath remedies. Try gum and mints along with frequent brushing to see if this does not help. Also, don't forget to brush your tongue, the insides of your cheeks, and to use mouthwash as well. Flossing also helps eliminate small bits of offending foods between your teeth that too can cause bad breath.

If proper dental hygiene is not enough, and you can not seem to get better breath with mints and gums, you may have to consider that something else is going on. A trip to the dentist should be your first move. It could be that you have an infection in your mouth, especially if your breath issues are new and sudden, or that you have a tooth that needs help. You could also have gingivitis. Any of these things can cause you to search for bad breath remedies that do not have a typical cause. Your dentist can also let you know if your dental routines are doing a good job or not.

There could also be medical reasons why you are seeking bad breath remedies. Sometimes, the source of bad breath is in your stomach, not your mouth. Other times, it could be that you just need to drink more water. Whatever the case, if your teeth are okay, over the counter remedies are not working, but you are still fighting with bad breath, you may want to talk to your doctor about your problem to see if there may be a medical base to your problem. It could even be a medication that you are taking. You shouldn't have to live with bad breath, and hopefully for you, the cure is more simple than you thought.