This article is going to be for you if you have bad breath and you are looking for a bad breath solution. Bad breath is a fairly common problem and a lot of people will not even know that they have a problem bad breath because the people around them will not inform them. Once you do discover that you have a problem, you will seek out a bad breath solution almost immediately because of the embarrassment that can be caused.

You must first find out what is causing your bad breath before you can come up with any bad breath solutions. The reasons behind your bad breath can be numerous. The two most common causes are either the foods that you're eating or bad dental hygiene practices. There also could be underlying medical problems.

Before we go on to the bad breath solution of diet change, first I want to look at dental hygiene. The first thing that you can do to cure bad breath is to increase the amount of time that you are brushing your teeth. This will help to keep down the buildup of plaque; it will also help to remove bacteria from around your teeth. You should use regular flossing to remove built-up foods that have lodged between your teeth when you have been eating. Another bad breath solution in the dental hygiene department is to use a tongue scraper and antibacterial mouthwash.

If you are trying to figure out how to get rid of bad breath you sometimes have to look no further than the food that you are eating. A lot of the time, your bad breath problems are caused by eating a bad diet. You can be either eating too much protein, or you can also be eating too little fiber. There are also deficiencies of certain substances in your diet which will cause you to have bad breath. One of the best changes that you can make in your life is to eat a whole food diet. This involves trying to eat only what Mother Nature intended, and trying to eat a lot of this in its raw natural state. This will keep your body in a more balanced state because you are eating a balanced diet. You will feel much better, you will be much more capable of maintaining your correct weight, you will be leading a much healthier lifestyle, and you could find that your bad breath problems will just disappear.

There are certain herbs that you can chew on which will help to alleviate the symptoms of bad breath. Herbs such as parsley, tarragon, and rosemary are known to cure bad breath problems. Parsley is especially good for masking the odor from garlic. Not only will chewing on herbs help as a bad breath solution, they will also help with your overall oral hygiene overall.

Sometimes, no matter how many bad breath solutions you try you cannot get to the root the problem. In this instance I would recommend that you visit your physician or your dental hygienist.