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Which bad breath spray is most effective?

Gaining popularity in the late 90s, bad breath sprays have become a popular alternative to chewing gum, or brushing your teeth on the go. If you are meeting friends, going on a date, or have an interview, bad breath spray might be the best way to fight bad breath in the short term. Unfortunately using a bad breath spray like binaca just covers up the problem. If you suffer from halitosis, the clinical term for bad breath, simply covering up your problem with a mint or cinnamon spray is not healthy. Before deciding if you want to use a bad breath spray, first consider what causes halitosis, and what the dangers are of not treating it.

Causes of bad breath:

Bad breath is caused from either poor dental hygiene, or the food you eat. If you don't brush and floss regularly, you cause a buildup of bacteria in mouth specifically at the gum line, and on the tongue. If your hygiene suffers over an extended period of time, halitosis may be a warning sign of gum disease or similar serious conditions. The first step of eliminating halitosis is to brush and floss after every meal. This can be inconvenient, but it is the only way to effectively eradicate bad breath.

However the second cause of bad breath is the food you eat. Consuming foods like onion and garlic are sure to leave a foul odor on your breath due to the fact that the odor is actually absorbed into the blood stream. There is no way to cure bad breath caused by bad smelling foods other than to wait for them to pass through your system. However, bad breath caused by food can be masked by oral sprays which make products like binaca a great way to quickly cover up your embarrassing problem.

How to fight bad breath:

There are a number of bad breath remedies that you can use to help fight bad breath. The most effective include eating parsley and taking supplements and vitamins like zinc. However if you are looking for a bad breath solution perhaps the quickest and most convenient way to fight bad breath after a particularly pungent lunch is to carry a bad breath spray.

Is Binaca Breath Spray the best bad breath spray?

When they were first introduced, most bad breath sprays used alcohol as a propellant. Not only were these propellants abused by drug users, they also received criticism for being unsafe for

Binaca Breath Spray

children and teenagers. Worse yet, the alcohol in the spray itself actually caused your mouth to dry out promoting the growth of more bacteria in your mouth.

When choosing a bad breath spray, the brand is not so important as much as if it works for you and does not contain alcohol. Using bad breath sprays with alcohol will actually do more harm than good. Even if the immediate results are good, they will only keep you coming back for more as bacteria continues to thrive in your mouth.