Bad Breath and Intimacy 


At some point it happens to everyone...   A very intense moment is so close.  The passion mounts and the tension is palatable.  You move in closer and still closer and you notice that expression on your partners face as you can just tell they have come upon  something unpleasant.  Because they also feel the passion they push past it, but it affects everything....  Oral hygiene and freshness is a very important  overall element  of attraction.  There is just nothing inviting or sexy about bad breath or Halitosis.  Below are several tips to keep things fresh and clean so the passionate moments become even more intense.


The most important thing we can do to reduce bad breath is to practice good oral hygiene techniques at least 2 times daily.  This includes brushing your teeth with a high quality electric toothbrush, using an ADA approved toothpaste, and rinsing with Lots of water.  Do not  forget to brush your tongue.  Look at where the teeth and gums come together.  It should be a clear and crisp distinction.  If it looks fuzzy, keep on brushing.  A little bleeding is ok.  Flossing is very important to disrupt the bacteria located between the teeth.  Make sure the toothpaste really foams up and gets all over the entire mouth. 

It is vert important to visit a quality dental office minimally every 6 months.  Dental disease including gum disease and cavities can be the source of  a bad odor.  Make sure you have all cavities restored with quality restorations.  Periodontal disease should be treated aggressively either by you General Dentist or Periodontist.  These issues are relatively easy to diagnosis and treat.

Be sure to drink lots of water.  Water is a very important component of good oral health as well and overall physical health.  Look under the sink where you store your household cleaners.  What you will find is that a majority of cleaners are mostly  water with some chemicals added.  Water is  a very powerful cleaner because it dissolves so many substances, dilutes acids, and has a physical washing effect.  My favorite analogy for this is a waterfall.  Where the water flows fast, the rocks are clean and smooth.  Where water flows slow, the rocks are rough and covered with algae.

Nasal and sinus hygiene are also very important.  If you do not have active dental cavities or periodontal disease, then another common source of volatile sulfur compounds is the nose and sinuses.  Nasal saline products are available over the counter that can be used to irrigate and clean the nose.  This is very important for individuals whom suffer from seasonal allergies or if you have had a cold recently.  Do it regularly and it could remove that bad odor.  If the odor persist, ask your physician for a referral to an ENT physician.

Understand that the foods we eat will have an effect on our breath.  Foods that are more difficult for our bodies to digest will lead to more aggressive digestion in our stomachs.  Red meats and pork will cause this reaction.  Garlic makes so many foods more spicy and flavorful, but the stench can last for days. Pepper add flavor and spice, but it can also linger for a long time.  If you are having a special dinner before snuggling up with that special someone , make sure you think about what foods your are  going to eat.

Smoking and Drinking will both have a dramatic effect on your breath.  If your partner is also a smoker or drinker, it is not likely that these odors will affect your intimate time.  However, if one of you partakes and the other does not, then you need to pay close attention to the things you can do to mask the associated odors.

 In summary, it is necessary to have an action plan to prevent halitosis or bad breath from affecting your love life.  Make sure you visit the dentist every 6 months for regular care.  Engage in regular good oral hygiene practices which include brushing, flossing, drinking water, and using nasal saline if needed.  Be extremely conscious about  what foods you plan to eat before intimate moments.  Drink lots of water before, durning, and after eating a meal.  Making a proactive plan in regards to this issue can really enhance your love life. Using a mouth rinse or breath mint a few minutes before that first kiss  starts things out on such a good note.  Your partner will never complain because your breath is too fresh and clean when passionate moments arise!