The problem with losing your credit is that people with bad credit need money just like anyone else; maybe even more. If you don't have an income that supports your lifestyle you are most likely forced to take on loans and eventually be in bigger trouble. There are ways you can try to make some instant cash on the internet, or even off line. These ways work because you have to work for the money, you won't borrow it.

There have been a lot of issues in the near past about people who lost their jobs and had to apply for unemployed loans to get through their period of unemployment. This actually caused them to lose their credit and eventually file bankruptcy. When your income is low there is no sense in applying for a loan since you will have to be paying it back eventually anyway. If you have are sure that you are going to get some cash in the near future then getting a quick loan is not a bad option to live for a short time, but for a long term solution you need to do some adjustments in your life. Since people with bad credit need money like all the other people on the planet but usually don't have the income neither the possibility to borrow the money they need to make some serious lifestyle decisions.

The biggest problem is that no-one seems to be able to stop spending, even if their income drops. When you have been earning $5000 a month and suddenly you only get some financial aid from the government, you will really need to stop paying for the cable and stop eating out. The biggest saves that you can make come from your eating habits. People who are low in money - usually college students - eat as cheap as possible and party every night. This means that your food costs are a high part of your total living costs. Do a little math and you will notice how much you are spending every month to different unnecessary food items that you buy even if you don't need them. A good idea to save some money is get on a diet when you are low in cash, that way you will be automatically eating less for some time, and saving money.

If you need money now, trying to cut down the living expenses is not going to do anything. There are usually two ways you can go from here and both of them eventually end up being the same thing. If the need for the cash is urgent - so urgent you need it today - you are almost forced to apply for a same day loan. There is no question about it. That is the only way to get some cash as fast possible but you will have to pay the price for it. The other way is to actually work for the money and that is what you will have to do even if you end up borrowing the money. That is something that someone with bad credit who need money don't usually understand, and that is why they have poor credit in the first place. When you borrow money to pay for your bills, you are going to have more bills in the future.